The Carrie Diaries


Being a lover of the Sex and the City TV series, I knew of the Carrie Diaries becoming a show also and began watching it from it’s release.

I have actually come to really enjoy the show! The soundtrack is brilliant, classic eighties tunes and AnnaSophia Robb portrays Carrie’s character really well.

However, there are a few inaccuracies in the story lines;

In the show Carrie’s dad brings her and her sister up after her mother died when Carrie was 15.

In SATC Carrie is no longer in touch with her dad or her sister after she chose to move to the City.

In TCD her dad approves of her working in the city and striving to live there.

Some of the friends she makes along the way are in the wrong order to how Carrie met them in SATC.

And Carrie’s High School boyfriend is not the same man that we meet in the SATC episode ‘Boy, Interrupted’.


Apart from these factual issues, I adore the show!

It is well worth watching and I will continue watching it until it ends (which it will, otherwise it will be a remake of SATC and NOBODY wants that!)




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