Beauty: Topshop products

So the other day I went into the Topshop sales while on a little stroll through town.

I had been to many stores already that day and bought some items of clothing and jewellery, but this post is purely about the make-up products that I bought.



As the sale was on and I had got to the till, I saw these reduced make-up products!


The Lip Marker is basically a colouring pen for your lips, easy to apply and lasts ages and it was only £4.00, it also had a very nice taste (probably unintended).


The second product was the Glitter, when buying this I didn’t really know what to expect as I could actually only see a pot of glitter, I gathered it would be for eyes, which is what I used it for in the end.


When I opened the Glitter I was surprised to find this base/primer type pot instead of glitter, which when I used it was perfect and held the glitter onto my eyelids really well!




As for the pot of glitter, that was a separate pot which unscrewed below the primer.

Next time I use this product I know not to put too much glitter on at once as it all ended up on one part of my eyelid, next time I will apply it bit by bit.

I love the Lip Marker so much that today I picked up a bright red one as there were still many left!

If you live near a Topshop and they still have these in their sale I recommend you all pick one up! Just wish these were available all the time!

Best Wishes,



P.s. Happy New Year!


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