New Years Resolutions



So i’ve decided that this year I should actually make some resolutions, and I will actually plan to stick to them (fingers crossed).

My first resolution, my MAIN resolution is to handle my money better!                           To set myself limits and actually stick to them, to plan most of my purchases in advance and minimise my impulse buys to only one or two a month.

My second resolution is to focus on my college assignments as soon as I get them instead of leaving everything until the last minute (I still complete it on time, but it lacks detail sometimes).

My third resolution is to relax more! Stop worrying so much about work and going out. To stop worrying about people what they think, what I think of them and about what they’re doing with themselves. I will not care.

My fourth resolution will focus on not worrying about the time that me and my boyfriend don’t spend together and cherish all of the time that we DO spend together!

And my fifth and final resolution will be to eat less rubbish, balance the amount of sweets that I eat and just generally have less sugary bad things.

Boring little post — I know, but they are mainly here to remind me to stick to them…

What are your resolutions? Post below (if any).




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