Beauty: My January Wish List


So it’s January, I’m broke and I want everything.

I have decided to create a wish list for all of you containing everything I have wanted to purchase most this month.

Hopefully one by one throughout the next couple of months, I will purchase these products and review them (hopefully all positive reviews– fingers crossed!)

The first thing on my wish list is the Origins United State Balancing tonic (toner).


I mainly want this product because I don’t actually own a toner, nor have I ever used one (I know I should, but I just haven’t).

The reason I chose this particular toner is because of the reviews. There were acne prone girls reviewing this product very positively and others that bought this toner on a whim and absolutely loved it.

I now really want this toner and when I get it, hopefully I can also give a positive review!

The second thing on my wish list is another Origins product, in fact most of my wish list will be as I have been browsing their website a lot lately!

I already have the Origins Ginzing Energy boosting Moisturizer, but I feel it is too harsh sometimes on my sensitive skin. I have decided that I want the Origins Make a Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturizer because I feel this may be the right product for my skin.


Not only are the reviews great, but Emily uses this one and knowing her skin is similar to mine means that this product will probably work for me too. Hopefully!

I hope to get these two products as soon as possible as I can’t wait to try them out!

The third thing on my wish list is Demi Lovato Staying Strong in ebook form as my Kobo Touch should arrive on Monday!


Demi is an inspiration to me, I love her as an artist, as an actress and as a person and I cannot wait to read her book!

The fourth thing on my wish list is the Limited Edition Duo Fibre Real Techniques Brush Set, I’ve wanted these for a while now but didn’t really need them.


I still don’t really need the set, but I do want them and at some point when I have a fair amount of money again I will get them!

The Fifth thing on my wish list is another Origins Product, it is a face mask, but I am yet to decide which one I want more;


The Drink Up 10 Minute Mask, or the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask.


One is hydrating and one clears pores. My skin needs both of these, sometimes and once and sometimes one is more of a problem than the other, technically I need both of these masks, but one will have to come first (to be decided at a later date.. or by one of you?)

The Sixth thing on my wish list is the Nail Art Dotting Tool from Topshop, mainly because I don’t own one and long to decorate my nails further than just a basic coloured coat.


The Seventh and Final thing on my wish list is the Topshop Gloss Ink in either Cruel or Relentless.


I’m hoping they will have a similar affect as the Velvet Lips, which I have in Velveteen Ribbon and Plush (they are no longer available on the Topshop website but it is still available in Raven.


So that’s the end of this month’s wish list, there will be many, many more throughout this year and onwards!

Ta Ta for now,




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