What I Learned Today.

So it’s been six weeks today since me and my friends (Sam, Amy and Erebi) got our piercings/tattoos, so we went back to get them checked out and make sure everything is A-OK!

This morning my nose stud fell out, so I used my £3.50 nose ring from claire’s accessories as I couldn’t put the stud back in. Sam had changed hers a few weeks back and we had the same nose rings in.

We went back to the piercing studio today and he told us never to use those rings again, because not only were they flimsy, but they were much smaller than our piercings originally were, these rings were slowly closing our holes up!

Sam had used surgical spirit which had caused her piercing to react, surgical spirit and home-made salt water is a big no-no.

Always stick to the original cleaning solution that you are given!

Me and Sam had to have our nose rings taken out and had to pay £8.00 each to get the new, larger rings.

Mine had already shrunk since this morning, so much so that he had to put the ring on in reverse, I now have to go back in on wednesday to get it put in the right way!

The good news is Me and Sam still have our piercings.


If you’re getting a nose piercing;

Never get the nose jewellery from Claire’s accessories, the jewellery is bad quality, the wrong size and not 100% surgical steel.

Always, always clean your piercings with the solution that you are given, NOT surgical spirit and NOT salt water (unless you can measure it accurately and boil the kettle with fresh water each time).

Don’t fiddle, be careful and enjoy your new piercing!




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