Money, Money, Money…

Just a quick post to express my excitement for a few months time, when I can afford all the skincare products that I want and hopefully my skin will improve.

The main things I NEED;

The Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion (the toning lotion).


I know I mentioned in My January Wish List that I wanted a different toner, but I have decided to go for a lotion one rather than a watery one as I don’t want the toner to dry out my skin more.

The Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment and the Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturiser, these both have great reviews from people with the same skin issues as me and I really want to try all of them!


I plan on growing a bit of an Origins collection in the near future, obviously I will have to buy them one at a time over the next few months…


Which product would you readers recommend I purchase first?

Love, Hannah.



6 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money…

  1. Awww.. when I was your age I was trying to save up money for skincare and cosmetics! I’ll hit the clearance/warehouse sales (there was an origins sale here too!) and buy my supplies for the year! I would say, go for the treatment if you want the “strongest” product in the range. The rest are bonuses.


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