Yesterday afternoon I finally got to see Frozen (the movie/musical) at the cinema with my boyfriend, I have wanted to see it since before it was released as I am a huge fan of Demi (Lovato) and have been addicted to “Let it go” which was her song for the movie.

I was not disappointed by this movie at all, it wasn’t completely predictable which was great, a little dark at times and maybe too emotional for children in the sense that the beginning of the movie was very negative and may have upset or confused some of the younger viewers.

I loved the characters, not your everyday princesses, this story expressed the depth of the characters emotions a lot more than other Disney movies and was entertaining for all ages.

The movie didn’t limit emotions to just one age group as the jokes were suitable for all ages, yet still made adults laugh more as much children throughout the film.

Great musical scores throughout the movie, not only the original songs, but the sound effects used to set the emotions in each scene were very fitting.

All in all I loved this movie, the voice actors were great, the story was great and so was everything about it, I will definitely watch it again!

P.s. I personally prefer and LOVE Demi’s version of “Let it go”, she has an amazing voice and brings real emotion to everything that she performs.

P.s.s. I know it been a few days since I last posted, sorry!

P.s.s.s. If you haven’t already, I recommend that you all go and see Frozen while it is still showing at the cinema!

Love Hannah.




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