UPDATE: A bad experience at the Benefit Brow Bar

After a very late reply to my email (Benefit said they were having hotmail problems), they asked me how the burn was doing, and what they can do to help.

There wasn’t really anything that they could do to actually help the burn as it just needs to heal in it’s own time, but they did offer me a refund and a free product.

When it came to choosing a free product I went for the Brow Zings Kit as I have actually wanted that for a while, but at £23.00 I was having trouble justifying wether it was worth it.

A day later Benefit had sent me a package which included an apology card, the Brow Zings Kit and a surprise gift which was the perfume Under My Spell Noelle.

Benefit gifts

I am yet to try out the Brow Zings Kit, but when I do I shall make a post about it.

As for the perfume, it smells lovely, I have never had a Benefit perfume before, but will definitely try more after this. It’s a very feminine, luxe smell, and I like the gold bottle that it comes in too.

Minus the very late email reply, the customer service was great, and they really were concerned and understanding of the situation.




2 thoughts on “UPDATE: A bad experience at the Benefit Brow Bar

  1. The gifts aren’t going to make what happened go away, and certainly won’t make the dry skin around the area go away, but they were a nice gesture.

    I just want the area to go back to normal now!

    Hannah xxxx


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