Beauty: Skin care no-nos (for me) review

Oh Moisturisers…

As you may have read in one of my previous posts, I have been using the Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Moisturiser. I was liking this moisturiser, it was a little oily for my liking, but seemed to be doing the job (this was when I first used the product).


After a few days of use I found that it would sting my skin when I applied it and throughout the day, the feeling didn’t go away and hasn’t every time that I have used it, it’s been a few weeks and I have decided to stop using it.

This brings me to the BareMinerals Purely Nourishing Moisturiser (for combination skin). I used this product prior to my Origins moisturiser and it would leave my skin red and irritated for a while and then slowly fade throughout the day.


This morning when I woke up I decided to use the BareMinerals after realising that the Ginzing solution was not for me. Today’s results are not great, it seems that my skin had reacted worse to theBareMinerals this time around. My skin went red as it usually does with this moisturiser, then went away as usual, but the pain stayed.

I feel like there may be one ingredient in both of these products that my skin does not agree with! Not only did the stinging stay this time, but I have notices a few pimples surfacing on my face, this moisturiser is a definite no-no for me now, and I will not be using it ever again after this. I now know that one of the causes of my (what used to be terrible) acne was the BareMinerals moisturiser.

So after college today I went to my local boots/superdrug stores and picked up two very gentle moisturising products by Nivea which were the original Nivea Cremé (from Boots) and the Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream (which was half price in Superdrug).

nivea products

I look forward to trying these products later and I will post reviews of them when I am confident on how I feel about them.

The reason I went for these two particular products is because the Nivea Cremé is an original, safe option and has been around for years.

The Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream was chosen because I have seen many positive reviews, it is a light moisturising cream which means a lower chance of pimples surfacing and it is very low priced which is means if it doesn’t work out, I have lost about £2 (usually £4).

What’s your favourite moisturiser?

Love Hannah.



One thought on “Beauty: Skin care no-nos (for me) review

  1. Okay, after reading this post which gave me most of the details our texts missed out and of course my knowledge of bare minerals and origins ingredients from working with them it sounds like your skin is aggravated my citrus products. Both the Ginzing and BM use lemon zest extracts to brighten up the skin- apart from that the BM one is completely natural and it’s only the lemon people react too.


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