Beauty: The Perfect Primer!

As you may have read previously, I have recently had to change most of my skin care range due to what can only be described as an allergic reaction.

I wasn’t that fussed about getting another primer, but as my skin was accepting the Nivea creams I decided to try it out. Everything was half price in Superdrug when I purchased them so I had no reason not to!

Usually I opt for sensitive skin products, but having tried the day cream from Nivea in a normal/combination, I thought it would be best to match the rest of my purchases to that skin type too.


So I purchased the Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer, I didn’t want to review this until I was sure of my opinion and now I am.

The texture is similar to a gel-like moisturiser, seems oily, but really isn’t.


As I apply the primer to my face it sinks in instantly, there is no waiting around and I can apply foundation instantly.

I use this primer almost everyday, sometimes apply tinted moisturiser if my skin isn’t looking great, but usually don’t wear any foundation unless I am going on a night out or to an important event.

The fact that the pot is glass makes it feel a lot more expensive than it is and the lid doesn’t loosen in my bad, thus preventing it from leaking in my makeup bag!


I like to use either the Nivea Cremé or the Light Moisturising Day Cream underneath the primer, especially if I am wearing the primer with no foundation.

Couldn’t praise this primer enough, it is so cheap and available everywhere, I strongly recommend trying it as you may never go back!





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