Beauty: Nivea Tinted Moisturiser!

So it’s been roughly 3 weeks since I bought the Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream and I figured it’s time I gave a truthful review on it.

My skin has had no reaction to it (and my skin is highly sensitive to any irritants) so it should be fine for almost everyone!

The moisturiser only comes in  one colour which is Natural and if you know me, you know that I am the palest person but somehow this tinted moisturiser blends perfectly.

I don’t plan to wear this moisturiser all the time, only when I don’t feel confident enough to wear no make-up, like for example the last two days. Two days ago I had a hormonal break out which was awful and it looked like cystic acne. I did exactly what I have been doing (skincare wise) as I have all month and it went down a lot. I wore the tinted moisturiser both yesterday and the day that I got the breakout and it hasn’t affected my skin in a negative way at all.

This tinted moisturiser will no be my go-to product when I have a break out. It doesn’t cover up the spots, but it does cover most of the redness and makes me feel a little better when I know how awful I look!

After a few hours, it does go a little shiny but not über-shiny! I do look a little tanned when I wear it, but normal people won’t have this problem, only pale-ass people like me.

For anyone with acne prone skin, I would strongly recommend as it doesn’t affect the skin!! As far as moisturising goes, I like to use the moisturising primer from Nivea underneath as it is a perfect base which doubles as a moisturiser.

Here’s how it looks when out of the tube;


Before blending into the skin;


Almost-blended into the skin;


Fully blended into the skin;


As you can see, you can tell that it is on my hand but it isn’t crazy-obvious.

This tinted moisturiser is very affordable, wherever you get it and is so worth it!





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