Nivea Night creams!

So over last month I have been trying out two different night creams, I usually don’t use night creams but was having such good luck with all of the Nivea products that I thought i’d try everything!

I started off using the Nivea Night Regenerating Cream and was amazed by it. Usually when I put anything on my face at night, I end up with breakouts. When I used this cream I had no breakouts, my skin stayed relatively clear and some of my scarring faded slightly.



I was so amazed by this product that I decided to try the anti-ageing one too. The Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream was thicker, I noticed small breakouts, but nothing major, as for the anti-wrinkle side of things, I don’t actually have wrinkles, but will probably use this night cream in the future.


All in all both creams are great, my skin is highly sensitive and reacts badly to products that most people are okay with. If your skin is also highly sensitive I recommend you trying the products that I have found to be effective!

Love Hannah.



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