The clear out (1)

The first two products that I once loved, but had to give up were the BareMinerals Prime Time primers in Neutralising and Brightening.


In the summer I loved these primers and I may go back to them as the weather warms up again, but these primers did not work for me this winter.

The reason for me saying I may go back to them and not that I will is because although BareMinerals is made from mostly natural products, my skin still reacted badly from their products every now and again, so I don’t trust the products fully anymore.

I will be going back to the loose powders in the summer though as I love them, but they too do not work for me in the winter.

The reason these primers didn’t work for me in the winter is because they cancelled out any form of moisturiser I had used and did not go on my dry winter skin smoothly, in fact they accentuated my dry skin and made it impossible to cover over with anything.

However in the summertime these products were great, the Neutralising Prime Time was a yellow based primer created to cancel out redness and that it did, it still did the job in the winter but was impossible to use with dry skin.


As for the Brightening Prime Time… it was too glittery, too oily, caused pimples and was a useless primer, I will not be using this one ever again.

I have tried the Oil Control Prime Time too and actual found it to be such a weird texture that it make my not-so-oily skin oily.

The only BareMinerals Prime Time that I ever plan on using again is the Neutralising primer, as for the others… they will be going straight in the bin.


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