Brain, what are you doing?!

I am twenty in five days and have just finished yet another first year of college…
After finishing high school, I went to sixth form for two years, I then took a year at college in a course that was definitely not for me (Travel and Tourism), but this year I joined the course that I know is meant for me (Publishing/Print Based Media).

The whole reason that I decided to go to college after sixth form was because I didn’t want to go to university, but since doing this year at college I keep thinking about what it would be like to go to uni.

This year I made some amazing friends, and one of them (Amy H) is leaving us to go to uni and will not be back for the second year of our course. While Amy H was preparing everything for uni, it got me thinking about everything. I feel like part of me didn’t want to go to uni because of how wrapped up I was in my relationship, but now I have nothing holding me back, my feelings are not enough and I can’t let them hold me back if I have no chance.

When I finish my second year, I am seriously considering uni now, which feels silly as all of my friends from sixth form will be finishing their uni courses, as they come to the end of uni, I will be at the very start.

Me and Amy C were discussing all things university the day before last and it got me very excited about what’s to come with my education, we were chatting about it and came to the conclusion that this could be the fresh start that is much needed, I would be in a different location, all on my own (which would be daunting at first) where new opportunities await.

My only worries are what will come of my employment, funding and accommodation. Bring on the new stress…

Not to worry yet though, all I need to do for now is research courses, which universities to consider and focus on the last year of my college course.


A confused Hannah.


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