Pretty muddy!!

On Saturday (28th) I took part in the Pretty Muddy Race For Life and it was great fun!


It was a 5k obstacle course race that included jumping over things, climbing under muddy nets, sliding down slides into pools of mud and having mud sprayed at us.

10481717_10152966625802538_8832462684812145524_n 10457824_803523066336720_492744049844476222_n

I for one am not a fan of mud, but it was for a great cause and I am not going to worry about getting mud in my hair when we are running this race for cancer sufferers.

I ran this race in dedication to Nicholas Palmer, a great man and loving father to his 6 year old son. He passed away after completing the Southend Half Marathon on Sunday the 8th of June. I did not know him personally, but my mum did and I know that he was a great father and friend to many people.


I have been inspired to do many races in the future, which I will run in honour of him.

There is a memorial fundraising page set up on justgiving and donations would be highly appreciated.

You can donate to the memorial fund for nick here;

My thoughts go out to Nick’s friends, family and little boy.


Rest in peace Nicholas Palmer, you have inspired me. XXXX




4 thoughts on “Pretty muddy!!

    • Love you too mumma. I will do everything I can to keep sharing the just giving page until the goal has been reached 🙂 xxxxx


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