My holiday facial essentials.

As most of you know I am on holiday, I go home very early tomorrow morning and really don’t want to!

This post is about all of the essential products that I have taken with me or used on this holiday every day.

I don’t know about others, but I am not the kind of person that walks around with a full face of make up on holiday, hell, I don’t even bother at home!

But there are a few essentials that I did need, let’s start with day time shall we.

In the day I like to wear a little mascara, it’s the only make up I would actually bother with on holiday as it isn’t actually on my face, therefore it won’t irritate me.
The mascara I have gone for this time is the Bourjois Paris 1 Seconde Volume Waterproof Mascara. I originally bought this mascara for swimming at my local gym that I just switched to, but it has been perfect for holiday, being waterproof.

Now onto lips, I hate having sore/chapped lips.. I don’t think anyone actually enjoys having them… So I have been using Carmex SPF 15 lip balm in strawberry, it’s great because it smells lovely too!

And of course sun cream, for my face I have been using La Roche Posay Anthelios AC SPF30 for oily to acne-prone skin. This has been the perfect choice for holiday and the bonus is that the sun cream is matte!


In the evenings we have been out from about 10pm-2am discovering different restaurants and bars to drink at, and I like to dress up a bit, so I have been using the same mascara, a lipstick (either my Topshop one in hazard or my Rimmel Kate Moss one in shade 107). I purchased a Nivea Creme from a shop here when I realised how much I needed moisturiser and have been wearing Bourjois Healthy Balance Matte Finish Powder over my moisturiser, it doesn’t make much of a difference really, but it smells amazing!

I packed Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation and a Bourjois Happy Light Concealer, but used neither of them. I also haven’t used my 24hr eye shadow by Bourjois, but I may use it tonight as it is our last night.


And now for bedtime! After removing everything with my Bioderma and washing my face with my cheap SuperDrug face wash, I slap on some Nivea Regenerating Night Cream (sounds like something the doctor would wear…). This cream is perfect as it’s quite light and stops my skin from drying out in the hot night.


Well that’s my holiday facial essentials for anyone that actually cared!

I’m out,




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