Travel Whoopsies and Jack Johnson Gig


So on after a long day at work I rushed to the station and hopped on a train to Fenchurch Street where I got ready on the train for a Jack Johnson gig at the Eventim (Hammersmith) Apollo.


We had a little trouble getting there as we are not regular tubers, everyone was probably looking us like ‘bloody tourists’, but after a few wrong stops and jumping onto trains to get us to the previous stop, we made it.

We got to the venue at 8:30pm roughly and the doors had opened at 7pm, but we were panicking for nothing as Jack Johnson didn’t come on for at least another half hour, phew!

After an amazing show with a spectacular pianist that we didn’t quite catch the name of (he had an amazing voice too), we began to make our way to where we were staying.

With food on our minds, we were on the hunt and ended up back at Fenchurch street where between us we got 40 McNuggets, and 2 subs. Delicious.

After our food we decided to get a cab back which cost less than we thought and ensured that we wouldn’t get lost.

On Monday it was time to go home, we both had things we had to do which meant getting up bright and early and making our way to Tower Hill.

We were given directions which involved getting a bus, which we thought would be simple. Oh how wrong we were.

We hopped on the bus that we were supposed to get and asked for 2 singles, handed the driver a tenna and he looked at us like we had given him play money.

Turns out London buses don’t take money anymore, how were we to know that?!

He then told us that we can pay by card, a card came out and we looked at him wondering where the machine was… Contactless only and of course neither of us has a Contactless card. We then had to find a convenience store and purchase Oyster Cards and we were on our way.

After we got of the bus I wished good luck to him on his interview and we went our separate ways.


I then made my way to Tower Hill station where the damn ticket machine wasn’t working and the ticket office was closed, so I walked to Fenchurch, bought my tickets there and made my way back to Tower Hill.

I think I got on the wrong train as I needed to go to Liverpool Street which is on the Victoria Line and I was on the District line, but I got off at Victoria Station, realised what I was doing and asked for assistance.

I was told to get off at Oxford Circus and get on the Central Line, which took me to exactly where I needed to go (Stratford City, then Southend Victoria eventually).

I wondered around Stratford for a few hours and kissed my money goodbye before getting a Single to Southend Victoria and finally going home.

I would have stayed longer if I wasn’t working that afternoon.

Jack Johnson was amazing.

I learnt a few things about London transport the last couple of days and I think I now understand the tubes. I have an Oyster Card now too which will come in handy in the future.

So that’s my last couple of days, there will be posts about my Stratford purchases in the near future.

Ta-ta for now.




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