I Heart Gym Clothes.

Hello my fellow readers,

As most of you may have read that I went to see Jack Johnson just over three weeks ago and stopped off at Stratford City on the way home. I thought it was about time that I showed all of you what I bought.

I took a quick trip Forever21, where I got 2 pairs of workout shorts.

Both pairs were roughly a tenner each (which is very reasonable for gym clothes).

This first pair are just plain black, but I chose these for the unique cut-outs on the sides. I think they add a bit of a statement, rather than just having plain black and boring shorts.

IMG_4458 copyIMG_1462 copy

The second pair of shorts I purchased are made of three colours (black, grey and an aqua colour). I bought these mainly because of the side tides that are fully adjustable, the grey on the side of these shorts match an old sports bra that I already owned which is an added bonus.

IMG_9849IMG_3988 copy


These shorts were quite good value, but some of their athletic wear can be very pricey, especially some of the rather basic athletic vests.

I still love their stuff though, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for the best value (and best looking) athletic wear that they sell.

Love ya!





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