Sorry :)

Hey guys, I apologise for my absence but I have been super busy with everything from going out too much (yes, I didn’t stick to my plan), to seeing my friends and living in the pages of prospectuses.

I have been going out a lot, but i’ve been staying at my friend’s houses more than I have been out.

These last couple of weeks I have spent more time at Beth and Amy C’s houses than my own and it’s been great. Staying busy takes my mind off of the fact that I am miserable and it is helping.

In this time I have been Netflixing and having girly sleepovers with my girls, we did the Ice Bucket Challenge on Tuesday, which was a laugh.

I have had no money all month, so I have tried not to venture into town and spend as little as possible, which has worked but I won’t see any results as I have a large sum of money to pay to college as soon as I go back.

I have been saving a £20 note in my room for last few weeks for a charity meal that I am going to tomorrow and have done so well not to spend it!

Everything is draining me and I won’t be going out much next month apart from a few nights that we already have planned out as my main focus for the upcoming month will be getting back into the swing of college and having everything organised so that I can do better this year.

I also need to get my butt back into the gym as I have been too busy to go recently, but this will change and I will make a time slot for the gym at least once a week.

I will be blogging normally again starting from this post, watch this space.

Love ya,




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