Posts will be back to normal soon.

Hey guys,

I know i’ve been slacking and it has been due to the stress of trying to fit work around an operation (which once I had sorted it they decided to change the date), and going back to college.

Feeling crap does not give me inspiration to write blog posts, it makes me want to go into hibernation.

I go back to college on monday and will be working too, this will force me to get better and hopefully not exhaust me too much.

I feel like crap right now and although I am hungry, I don’t want to eat and it’s very annoying.

I need to take it easy and I only really have today and tomorrow to do that, but until I post properly I am going to list a few things that I will be blogging about in the near future;

  • Deciding to go to Uni.
  • Products that I love right now.
  • Books that I have read recently.
  • Personal life stuff.

Until then, Adios.




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