Always plenty to buy when I have no funds.

As most of you know I love a good shop. A new dress or new underwear and my mood goes from hate the world to loving life instantly, but why do I always want to buy things when I can’t?

More importantly, why are there so many great, useful and needed products when I don’t have the cash and as soon as I get the cash all of the items are gone.

This post is a little insight into how I got in my overdraft and the struggle of paying it off.

It’s pretty simple really. When I am in a bad mood, the biggest pick-me-up is a new product. They say money can’t buy happiness, but I have never been upset by a beautiful new item of clothing and it may be very materialistic of me but I find it very therapeutic.

Most people when they are sad like to eat their feelings, but I like to spend mine.

Recently I haven’t been buying anything but necessities, so if you have been around me recently and wondered why I am in a bad mood, it’s purely because I am trying to pay off my overdraft and I am having withdrawal symptoms.

I don’t have to be upset to want to spend, I can be stressed or angry too and usually I am all three.

Shopping is my substitute for feelings, not knowing what to do with time that was once spent with people close to you can do bad things and personally I think there are worse ways to take my feelings out on than shopping.

So the next time I am judged for buying something, think about all the worse things that I could be doing rather than treating myself to a new dress every once in a while and understand that paying off an overdraft is hard. Everyone has their bad days and their own way of dealing with them.

I am trying my best to pay it off at the moment, I am going out less and treating myself very rarely, it sucks and I hope it’s paid off soon as I am fed up of being in this permanent dull mood.

This got a little ranty, but thanks for reading.

Love ya,




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