A weight lifted.

Sorry it’s been a while, but I promise I have a good excuse!

After weeks and weeks of panicking over my personal statement (and various other things) I have finally finished it.

I went through a lot of ups and downs along the way, this is what made me change my mind about Uni the first time around. In sixth form, when we began to use UCAS and start our applications I freaked out, it wasn’t so much the applying but being unable to write a personal statement.

I know now that I was unable to write it because I had not yet discovered what I really wanted to do. It took taking a bunch of different courses to realise that Journalism and Creative writing is what I really want to do, if I had gone to Uni after sixth form I would have taken the completely wrong course and felt completely lost and confused in what I wanted to do as a career after Uni.

I still panicked this time around, but only at the end. I was struggling to finish the personal statement because I felt I hadn’t written enough, when considering that we had a limit it turns out I had written too much and had to condense it.

It just goes to show that sometime University isn’t always for you at a certain time in your life, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t for you period.

I am now in the process of completing my UCAS application and with the personal statement segment finished it should be a lot easier.

Wish me luck guys!

Love, love, love…



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