PRETTYLITTLETHING.COM – More hassle than they’re worth!

On Saturday it’s my friend Beth’s 21st birthday party and it’s movie themed fancy dress, for the occasion I decided to get something simple and play it up with accessories.

None of this matters now as I need to find a new outfit in the next three days, all thanks to

I ordered a skirt and top from there and the package arrived today, when I opened it only the top was inside. There was no explanation for this so I emailed them to find that the skirt was unavailable.

There was no note to say this and if I hadn’t emailed them I wouldn’t have known and would probably still be expecting it to arrive (maybe just seperately instead).

They told me that it was unavailable and they will refund me within the next 3-5 days as the skirt isn’t even available now. This means that I now have to wait 3-5 days to get my money back and I need to send the top back and probably wait another 3-5 days after it takes a few days to arrive back at their warehouse.

So disappointed in their service and will not be using them again, nothing to explain why this happened, I now have no outfit for the fancy dress party and have to wait probably around 2 weeks to get all of my money back!

Thanks a bunch!!




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