Hello old friend.

The past few weeks I have been getting really nasty migraines and they have been getting worse and worse as the month progresses. Having these migraines have left me feeling very worn down and unable to function properly when I really need to.

It wasn’t until Saturday, when I had an actual real day off (no college, no work, no social engagements — at least until the evening) that I realised how important it was to get a decent night’s sleep every now and again.

On Friday night I basically passed out from the pain of my migraine from 4pm-8pm and then was awoken by a phone call from my friend, right after the phone call I fell straight back to sleep again and didn’t wake up until about 8am (ish) the next morning. My migraine wasn’t completely gone but it felt amazing to have had over 8 hours sleep and I wish I could do it more often, sadly there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Sometime soon I will get into a relatively normal sleep routine and it will really pay off, as for right now I am still trying to find that perfect balance — which is very hard when your mind is constantly spinning at a million miles a minute.

In order to find this perfect balance I need to be able to get a fair amount of college work done, read a few books, blog more, vlog more, sleep more and work (all whilst actually enjoying myself and going out once in a while, instead of being in a very intense relationship with my Netflix account).

Love you all and until next time, Goodnight.




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