University stress at maximum capacity!

Today has been highly stressful and cocooning myself in my duvet will hopefully make everything feel better for a while.

After stressing about not hearing back from DMU yet and starting to panic, I finally heard from them. The news wasn’t great, they (although it states differently on the website) will not accept anyone on the Creative writing part of my course choice without A level English. I never studied A level English and it’s too late to study it now. Luckily De Montfort were not disregarding me completely and gave me the option to change the Creative Writing part of my joint honours to something else. I decided to go with my first instinct which was Film studies, this means that I now have a conditional place with De Montfort to study Film Studies and Journalism Joint Honours. The place is conditional because of my god damn GCSE maths grade which I am retaking in May, if it wasn’t for that I would be ok. I am now going to be stressing more, not only about getting my grade for my current course, but also freaking out about maths.

This is meant to be exciting and instead I am even more worried.

Of course I am upset that I cannot do my original choice of course, but I am thankful that they have given me a place to study something else with Journalism still included.

What makes this even more frustrating is that I have an unconditional place to study the same course at The University of Winchester. It really upsets me that one university has accepted me, but the Uni that my heart is set on didn’t want me on that course.

All I can do now is work my arse off and hope to God that I get the grades that I need to get into DMU.

Adios from an anxious wreck of a human being.




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