Fear of the unknown

I am entering a new chapter in my life, I am alone and being driven by my studies. Without my friends by my side and me by theirs, we would have all lost our minds by now and I cannot thank them enough for their endless support.

At this moment in time I am going through a lot of stress, mainly stemmed from deadlines and my university application. I should be enjoying the fact that I have offers and one being for my first choice, but I can’t help but worry. I am so scared that I will not get the grade and it will hold me back.

I wish I could just take the exam now as a trial and if I pass, I can keep that grade. Instead I have to wait until May to take the exam and to be in constant anxiety of failing this test until May is not going to do well for my health. I am already stressing too much which is causing me to lose my appetite and it’s making me feel crap.

All I can do is sit tight and try not to add any more stress to my current situation.

Wish me luck,




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