Nice try Valentine’s Day…

This morning and for most of today I have been feeling sorry for myself just as many other singles are probably doing right this moment.

While sat on the sofa watching countless reruns of Friends I started to think about my friends. We are all feeling down today because society is celebrating couples, but what about friendship? I think all the singles out there shouldn’t be crying over not having a significant other, they should be counting themselves lucky for having found amazing pals whose love is worth so much more than a most-probably-going-to-end-in-a-few-months relationship.
I don’t like seeing my friends upset over men who thrive on playing with girls emotions — because let’s face it, that’s all they ever do.
I’m not standing for that anymore and neither should any other girl. If they want to confuse us and send us mixed messages, they will be playing their games alone and definitely not playing with us.
As I think back over the last few hours I notice that although I have spent it alone, I have saved money. I haven’t had to make an effort trying to impress anyone and I have been in comfort all day because of it.
I no longer feel negative about being alone on Valentine’s Day, I feel blessed.
I love you all and hope that whatever you are doing today is done with a smile on your face.
To all the singles out there:
You are amazing and you are only single because other people suck!
Ta-ta for now,
Hannah Banana.

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