Let’s Talk About Body Image.

For as long as I remember, I have compared myself to others. This was not a thing that I chose to do but more of a natural instinct. This probably stemmed from something I saw in a magazine, TV or even overhearing kids in the playground, more mature than me, making snarky comments.

It has taken me two decades to love my body the way it is and realise that comparison to others just breeds eternal misery. If one person doesn’t like your body, who cares? There will always be a person that loves every inch of you, just the way you are.

I used to find confidence in some celebrities that had very similar body types to me, but as they got older, the majority of them got implants of some kind and the list of natural and petite celebrities narrowed down to just a handful. What I did take from idolising these women was the fact that they were loved long before they had implants, what I didn’t particularly like was the fact that they all eventually got them anyway.

After watching almost every celebrity join the crowd, I realised that these are not people to look up to. Yes, it is their body and they can do whatever the hell they want with it, but I feel that the media shouldn’t glamourise their surgeries or shame them, they should ignore them completely. If nobody was to bat an eyelid at surgery, it wouldn’t be so popular and this would result in actual natural celebrities, people that we could once again look up to as body role models.

When I say role models, I do not mean that we should aspire to have bodies like them, but we would be able to see that everybody is beautiful in the shape they were given. A happy woman that is confident in their own skin, now that’s a role model.

I want society to be less fucked up, so that young girls can grow up feeling happy in their own skin and skip all of the self-doubt that almost every girl (myself included) feels from childhood through to their adult life.

You are all beautiful,



P.s. If my sister is reading this; You are perfect the way you are, own it.


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