Enough Is Enough!

I am fed up of waking up every day and immediately feeling like crap, I eat to make myself feel better and I’m hungry again almost instantly, I eat sugar for energy and still find myself feeling exhausted and now I know why.

My eating habits are far from terrible, but they are still the problem. It’s not that I’m eating the wrong things on purpose, it’s that everything I eat is a trick.

After watching a documentary on Netflix called Fed Up, I learned that sugar is in more products than I could ever imagine.

I’m one of those people that never buys low-fat products anyway and now I’m glad didn’t as it turns out they are only full of more sugar to make up for the ‘less fat’. I do opt for biscuits more often than I should and that has to stop. Not only am I going to cut out biscuits, I am going to try and avoid sugar as much as possible.

Feeling ill a lot is not something that I enjoy and if sugar is the cause of this, I am kissing sugar goodbye as I would much rather have my health. With health comes energy, naturally bringing back lost motivation and I sure do miss my motivation.

I am also switching from normal tea to green tea for a while to see if it has a positive effect on my body. I like herbal teas anyway, so this isn’t much of a loss to me, just an experiment that could possibly have a very positive outcome.

I can and I will live without sugar, I need more fruit and vegetables anyway. My body craves veggies, I just wish they lasted longer.

Here’s to a healthier, more motivated me!


Hannah Banana.


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