PRETTYLITTLETHING.COM – More hassle than they’re worth!

On Saturday it’s my friend Beth’s 21st birthday party and it’s movie themed fancy dress, for the occasion I decided to get something simple and play it up with accessories.

None of this matters now as I need to find a new outfit in the next three days, all thanks to

I ordered a skirt and top from there and the package arrived today, when I opened it only the top was inside. There was no explanation for this so I emailed them to find that the skirt was unavailable.

There was no note to say this and if I hadn’t emailed them I wouldn’t have known and would probably still be expecting it to arrive (maybe just seperately instead).

They told me that it was unavailable and they will refund me within the next 3-5 days as the skirt isn’t even available now. This means that I now have to wait 3-5 days to get my money back and I need to send the top back and probably wait another 3-5 days after it takes a few days to arrive back at their warehouse.

So disappointed in their service and will not be using them again, nothing to explain why this happened, I now have no outfit for the fancy dress party and have to wait probably around 2 weeks to get all of my money back!

Thanks a bunch!!




I Heart Gym Clothes.

Hello my fellow readers,

As most of you may have read that I went to see Jack Johnson just over three weeks ago and stopped off at Stratford City on the way home. I thought it was about time that I showed all of you what I bought.

I took a quick trip Forever21, where I got 2 pairs of workout shorts.

Both pairs were roughly a tenner each (which is very reasonable for gym clothes).

This first pair are just plain black, but I chose these for the unique cut-outs on the sides. I think they add a bit of a statement, rather than just having plain black and boring shorts.

IMG_4458 copyIMG_1462 copy

The second pair of shorts I purchased are made of three colours (black, grey and an aqua colour). I bought these mainly because of the side tides that are fully adjustable, the grey on the side of these shorts match an old sports bra that I already owned which is an added bonus.

IMG_9849IMG_3988 copy


These shorts were quite good value, but some of their athletic wear can be very pricey, especially some of the rather basic athletic vests.

I still love their stuff though, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for the best value (and best looking) athletic wear that they sell.

Love ya!




Just made my first order on Fabletics!

Hey guys,

I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw an ad for a fitness online clothing store inspired by Kate Hudson. Okay, so the Kate Hudson bit may have swayed me.

They basically ask you what you’re comfortable with showing when working out, your sizes for each section,  what colours you like to wear and then they find it all for you!

I have ordered this set, which is £44, but because I am a new member it was 50% off.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 14.59.57

So that’s £22 for a sports bra, shorts and a top! So worth it and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

When it does arrive ill post a picture of me in it and give my opinion on how well it fits, delivery and value for money.

If you want to sign up click here, it’s free to sign up (if you just want to have a look and not buy anything).

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 15.07.30

I feel like i’ll be clicking this logo a lot in the future!

Love you all,



ASOS Summertime Sales!

Hi guys,

As most of you know (if you have me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) I have been going a little crazy on the summer bikini shopping, I go on holiday next week so I stocked up using the ASOS website.10423299_10203492294082561_4370838793777825773_n

I bought this bikini in the current ASOS sale that is on, I liked it so much and it fit me so perfectly that I purchased another one in a different pattern.

There are still many more that I have my eye on, but I may hold off for a bit and buy these ones for after my holiday, that way I can buy them in their next big sale which is the 70% off sale starting July 8th!


This sale is focused on their summer products and i’m sure i’ll end up with a whole new summer wardrobe!

Happy Shopping guys!



Time is ticking. Hurry, hurry!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and i’m sure many of you have left your shopping to the last minute.


Don’t forget that Boots have a section on their website dedicated to Mother’s Day There really is something for every Mum on there, so if you haven’t already, I suggest you have a look and get something before it’s too late!

Click here to view the special Mother’s Day section.

Also there is a new product by VICHY which is exclusive to Boots, the VICHY Liftactiv Advanced Filler may not be in the Mother’s Day section, but wrinkle control is important for Mum’s and would be a well appreciated gift!


Obviously anti-ageing is important for all of us, so why not pick some up for yourself!

If you’re interested in the exclusive product, click the link here and get it while it’s hot.

Love Hannah.


Online shopping and bad luck.

For some reason online shopping wasn’t agreeing with me this evening, I was only trying to purchase two items of clothing for Paris and ASOS was not letting my order go through.

My card was apparently declined, so after entering my card details again, deleting the old ones and repeating, the order eventually went through. Fingers crossed the payment doesn’t go through three times!

I am now also part of ASOS premier as it is £9.95 for the whole year which allows me to have early access to sales, previews and free next day delivery throughout the year!



Love Hannah.


What I Learned Today.

So it’s been six weeks today since me and my friends (Sam, Amy and Erebi) got our piercings/tattoos, so we went back to get them checked out and make sure everything is A-OK!

This morning my nose stud fell out, so I used my £3.50 nose ring from claire’s accessories as I couldn’t put the stud back in. Sam had changed hers a few weeks back and we had the same nose rings in.

We went back to the piercing studio today and he told us never to use those rings again, because not only were they flimsy, but they were much smaller than our piercings originally were, these rings were slowly closing our holes up!

Sam had used surgical spirit which had caused her piercing to react, surgical spirit and home-made salt water is a big no-no.

Always stick to the original cleaning solution that you are given!

Me and Sam had to have our nose rings taken out and had to pay £8.00 each to get the new, larger rings.

Mine had already shrunk since this morning, so much so that he had to put the ring on in reverse, I now have to go back in on wednesday to get it put in the right way!

The good news is Me and Sam still have our piercings.


If you’re getting a nose piercing;

Never get the nose jewellery from Claire’s accessories, the jewellery is bad quality, the wrong size and not 100% surgical steel.

Always, always clean your piercings with the solution that you are given, NOT surgical spirit and NOT salt water (unless you can measure it accurately and boil the kettle with fresh water each time).

Don’t fiddle, be careful and enjoy your new piercing!



Fridays Purchases: Beauty/Just things

So on Friday I went to my local High Street for a little retail therapy (and some internet as I lost access for the past 2 days – hence the neglecting of my blog).

I was mainly on the search for a diary, I had seen one that I wanted in TKMAXX but sadly they were sold out. On my continued search for a diary I decided to go to Waterstones, which is where I found the most beautiful Paperblanks 2014 Diary!


I fell in love with it, it was the last one and also being January sales, it was half price! Not £12.99, £6.49 — I was very pleased to have found this diary, along with it’s beautiful design and perfect size, it also has a small address book in it!

After finding this diary I decided to walk to Starbucks to get some lunch, but I popped into Topshop and bought myself one of the little gift card holders (I am aware that they are for gift cards, but they are leather and so cute that I wanted to use it for my normal day-to-day cards).


I also bought a little eyeshadow from the Topshop make-up range and I shall do a separate post on that after I have used it at least once.

I then made my way to Starbucks where my friend Amy had just finished her shift! We ate lunch together and had some delicious beverages and I showed her my little purchases.

After a very, very long time in Starbucks she joined me on a little shop, we made our way to WHSmiths where we looked at some books and I purchased the new book by Cameron Diaz – The Body Book, I decided to purchase this book as it may hep me with some issues that I have with my appearance, I have always had them and it would be great if I could over come them, I may post about these issues in the future, possibly in depth or possibly just lightly touching on the subject — yet to decide.



Amy was looking at the Kobo eReader and it was £29.99 instead of £60.00! So she had to buy it, I also wanted one but it was the last one. Once Amy had purchased the Kobo, we decided to go to the other Starbucks in the High Street to unwrap it, the more Amy unwrapped it, the more I wanted one!

When me and Amy had gone our separate ways and I was on my way home walking through town, I popped into The Body shop and I saw my friend Charley who works in there, she managed to sell me two products that in her words were hangover cures for the skin, so I purchased them and actually tried them out this evening.



Both of these products are Vitamin C products.

The first product that I used was the Skin reviver, which I used yesterday before going out to dinner and the Cinema with my boyfriend, I used it as a primer after my Origins Ginzing Moisturiser and it smoothed out my skin nicely, I will definitely be using this product again as it felt extremely light on my face also.

I used the Microdermabrasion for the first time earlier this evening, I have actually never used one before and I must say it has made my skin feel so incredibly soft! I used my Origins Checks and Balances face wash, then the Microdermabrasion and finished with my Origins Ginzing Moisturiser. These worked well together because both of the products have Vitamin C in them.

I will definitely continue using these products because I have fallen in love with them already!

My last purchase that day was a dress from H&M which I wore later that evening, size 6, Chiffon material (I’m obsessed with Chiffon dresses). I wish I had taken a photo of my outfit before I went out last night so that you could see how great it looks on.

Following on from Amy’s purchase, tonight I actually purchased myself one of the Kobo eReaders myself, I ordered it in the Blue/White and cannot wait for it to arrive!

Love Hannah.