Struggle and Triumph: Staying Healthy at University

I have been at university for three months now and before moving here people had warned me about weight gain, it’s also reported in articles with headlines such as;

‘The average student gains two STONE in the first year of university – with the main reason for ‘freshers’ flab’ being stress’  – Mail Online.

‘Students in the south east of England gain the most weight in their first year’ – Independent Online

I think it must have been around two weeks in that I realised I wasn’t eating the best meals and decided to start doing something about it.

My sleeping pattern was and still is rather messed up, but I’m working on it. I was finding myself short of any energy and then turning to sugar in hopes that it would give me a boost. This did help, but then my skin was getting worse because I was having too much sugar and not enough nutrients.

I decided to start eating meat again after getting dizzy-fainting spells (Vitamins weren’t quite doing the job, I was eating quorn too, but it wasn’t working out). Eating meat definitely helped, but I still wasn’t feeling great. I started reading a book that I’ve had for ages and flicked through before called ‘The Body Book – Cameron Diaz with Sandra Bark‘. In a nutshell, the book states basic nutrition but discusses exactly what we need and why diets are never the way to go.

With this in mind, I decided to eat more vegetables, make sure I had bags of nuts accessible for snacking as well as fruit. I already eat quite a lot of vegetables, so this was easy, I just changed what I eat with them by reducing the amount of processed food I ate. I don’t like the idea of processed foods, so I try to avoid them anyway, but lunches are usually something along the lines of a meal-deal from Boots or skipped completely – neither of which is good for me. I switched my lunches to salads and made sure I included some carbs and protein in every lunch I made.

I don’t like the idea of not knowing what is in my food, so have decided to make most things from scratch – this actually turned out to be much tastier too.

I still need to sort out my sleeping pattern and I’m getting there, but I regularly fall into the late-night Netflix trap or just get trapped in my thoughts, usually stressy ones.

Now that I am eating better, I should have more energy. I also decided to eat better breakfasts, this included trying out ‘overnight oats’ – which I tried out for the first time last night, ate them this morning and it’s safe to say I have a staple breakfast choice that can be varied easily by changing what fruit, nuts and preserves I choose to put in. The overnight oats I had this morning were actually delicious and I may do a post on my favourite recipes once I’ve tried out a few!

I also made my own apple and raspberry crumble recently, which was delicious, even more so knowing exactly how much (or how little) sugar was actually in it – definitely making this again!

As it’s Christmas next week, I seriously doubt I will be able to eat as healthy, but I shall try and stick to it to the best of my ability as I actually look forward to my meals a lot more since starting this whole being healthy thing.

It’s safe to say I have avoided this whole university weight gain thing, probably because of my lack of alcohol intake since moving here as well as eating habits.

Take care of your body, it’s the only one you’ll ever have – unless you believe in reincarnation, but it’s still the only one you’ll have in this lifetime.





Let’s Talk About Body Image.

For as long as I remember, I have compared myself to others. This was not a thing that I chose to do but more of a natural instinct. This probably stemmed from something I saw in a magazine, TV or even overhearing kids in the playground, more mature than me, making snarky comments.

It has taken me two decades to love my body the way it is and realise that comparison to others just breeds eternal misery. If one person doesn’t like your body, who cares? There will always be a person that loves every inch of you, just the way you are.

I used to find confidence in some celebrities that had very similar body types to me, but as they got older, the majority of them got implants of some kind and the list of natural and petite celebrities narrowed down to just a handful. What I did take from idolising these women was the fact that they were loved long before they had implants, what I didn’t particularly like was the fact that they all eventually got them anyway.

After watching almost every celebrity join the crowd, I realised that these are not people to look up to. Yes, it is their body and they can do whatever the hell they want with it, but I feel that the media shouldn’t glamourise their surgeries or shame them, they should ignore them completely. If nobody was to bat an eyelid at surgery, it wouldn’t be so popular and this would result in actual natural celebrities, people that we could once again look up to as body role models.

When I say role models, I do not mean that we should aspire to have bodies like them, but we would be able to see that everybody is beautiful in the shape they were given. A happy woman that is confident in their own skin, now that’s a role model.

I want society to be less fucked up, so that young girls can grow up feeling happy in their own skin and skip all of the self-doubt that almost every girl (myself included) feels from childhood through to their adult life.

You are all beautiful,



P.s. If my sister is reading this; You are perfect the way you are, own it.

I got this.

Okay, there truly is no need for my incredibly crappy eating habits. The past week I have been steering clear from any chocolate and biscuits, and guess what? I haven’t died.

I try to stay away from chocolate when I can anyway as it destroys my skin and anyone who knows me knows that.

A weird thing has been happening since last week though. As I sort of caught up on a bit of sleep my body started to crave fruit and when I got my hands on some it felt great. I have decided that I am going to get into the habit of wanting to eat fruit, crave that instead of crap. It will benefit me profusely and will probably result in me having more energy too. Bonus! I can then have the energy to get my butt to the gym and become a better version of myself.

There is no downside to this plan. Obviously I will still treat myself, but it will be on rare occasions. At the end of the day, I only feel good about eating chocolate while i’m eating it. The aftermath of eating sugary food always leaves me feeling crap anyway and thats no fun!

So that’s what was on my mind. Pretty random, but there you go.

Love, love, love,



Knuckle down girl.

It’s a new week and i’m positive that although we have a deadline it shouldn’t be too stressful. With one deadline behind me — that was due last week, I have managed to relax a little. Over the weekend I went to work, Netflixed a tad and finished the book I was reading (It girl, a spin off series from the author of Gossip Girl).

After doing a fair amount of work today, I am determined to keep this up until everything is to the best it can be. I made a lot of progress on one of the main pieces need for this assignment today and now feel like I can put my feet up tonight, after my Cardio Tennis class of course.

Recently I feel like I have had a little too much on my plate, it’s good to be busy but I feel like I may have been stretching myself too far. It’s not good for me to be this busy and sometimes I just need a break, my sleep pattern is all over the place and I plan on going to bed at a reasonable time tonight (hopefully).

This girl needs sleep and the only way she is going to get it is if she works her arse of during the day and gets shit done.

If anyone notices that I am online at an unearthly hour, you have permission to send me a virtual slap.

Must be going now,



It’s time

There are some things that are out of my control, like the speed a letter can arrive or teleportation and I need to stop fretting over these things and just get on with it.

It’s time to focus on me, get my shit together and gain inner strength.

If I cannot love myself, how can I expect another to love me and even if they do, it would surely impact them to see me in a more positive light.

It’s time for me to be selfish, focus on my own goals and create a mindset that involves less negativity.

I shall start by reducing my sugar intake. I know that eating the amount of sugar that I have is the root to why my skin is so bad, so why do I choose to ignore that fact and sabotage myself? Enough of this, with the amount of drinking that I do, I certainly don’t need to destroy myself in other ways too.

This takes me to my next step which is to actually, like — really reduce my drinking. I have actually done really well this month and have only gone out once so far, if I could just stick to this every month it will not only benefit my liver but also my purse!

Once I find a good balance and eventually regain the energy levels that I have been lacking recently I can start going to the gym regularly again. I know that having no energy is no excuse for lack of exercise but I have literally been feeling like the life has been taken out of me, run down and unable to function. Once I get out of this funk (which may involve a change in diet) I can start gymming regularly again and actually enjoy it!

I am already on the right track to being in the right frame of mind, I am still going crazy over things that are completely out of my control and I feel destroyed inside, but focusing on everything else is really helping.

Focusing on College work and applying for University has really taken my mind off things and if I stick to this not only will my grades be better, but I will have made a real start progressing to University too. Yes, I will still feel destroyed inside, but I will have other things to focus on and when the time comes I will gain clarity of the things that are really messing with my head as of present.

This is basically a huge to-do list of how to fix myself for the better, it will only work if I stick to it and my life will better because of it.

Sometimes you have to wait for things, but theres no point in moping around and wasting precious time. I am not getting any younger, time is still turning and I cannot put my future on hold, if anything this is the push that I need.

If it’s meant to be, it will be and I will just have to wait and see what happens.

Peace & Love,



Sorry :)

Hey guys, I apologise for my absence but I have been super busy with everything from going out too much (yes, I didn’t stick to my plan), to seeing my friends and living in the pages of prospectuses.

I have been going out a lot, but i’ve been staying at my friend’s houses more than I have been out.

These last couple of weeks I have spent more time at Beth and Amy C’s houses than my own and it’s been great. Staying busy takes my mind off of the fact that I am miserable and it is helping.

In this time I have been Netflixing and having girly sleepovers with my girls, we did the Ice Bucket Challenge on Tuesday, which was a laugh.

I have had no money all month, so I have tried not to venture into town and spend as little as possible, which has worked but I won’t see any results as I have a large sum of money to pay to college as soon as I go back.

I have been saving a £20 note in my room for last few weeks for a charity meal that I am going to tomorrow and have done so well not to spend it!

Everything is draining me and I won’t be going out much next month apart from a few nights that we already have planned out as my main focus for the upcoming month will be getting back into the swing of college and having everything organised so that I can do better this year.

I also need to get my butt back into the gym as I have been too busy to go recently, but this will change and I will make a time slot for the gym at least once a week.

I will be blogging normally again starting from this post, watch this space.

Love ya,



I Heart Gym Clothes.

Hello my fellow readers,

As most of you may have read that I went to see Jack Johnson just over three weeks ago and stopped off at Stratford City on the way home. I thought it was about time that I showed all of you what I bought.

I took a quick trip Forever21, where I got 2 pairs of workout shorts.

Both pairs were roughly a tenner each (which is very reasonable for gym clothes).

This first pair are just plain black, but I chose these for the unique cut-outs on the sides. I think they add a bit of a statement, rather than just having plain black and boring shorts.

IMG_4458 copyIMG_1462 copy

The second pair of shorts I purchased are made of three colours (black, grey and an aqua colour). I bought these mainly because of the side tides that are fully adjustable, the grey on the side of these shorts match an old sports bra that I already owned which is an added bonus.

IMG_9849IMG_3988 copy


These shorts were quite good value, but some of their athletic wear can be very pricey, especially some of the rather basic athletic vests.

I still love their stuff though, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for the best value (and best looking) athletic wear that they sell.

Love ya!




Get your shit together Han.

Today we took down my single bed that I have had for years and built my new double bed that I bought sometime before my holiday and made sure that it was delivered when we got back.

Putting a double into my room meant battling the mess that it had become. I honestly don’t know how I let my room get that bad, but it did have a little to do with denial and the fact that I got a lot of my stuff back all at once and didn’t want to deal with any of it.

I put off tidying everything for so long that I had developed a skill for tip toeing around the only showing bits of carpet and managing to dodge every tiny thing that I could possibly stub my toe on.

Enough was enough and ordering this bed was the wake up call that I needed, it forced me to deal with everything and I am so glad that I did.

Hopefully now that my room is clear, my mind will be a little clearer too and I will be able to focus on getting back in the gym and reading through my growing pile of books.

So many books were purchased these last few months and I am so excited to read all of them, I am currently reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell and I love it, after reading Fangirl and now this, I need to buy the other two books that she has written!

I want to start Vlogging eventually, that’s one thing on my to-do list.

I have also been flirting with the idea of writing a story (possibly short, maybe a novel) and posting it chapter by chapter. It’s just an idea at this point, but something that I am definitely considering.

Anyway, this has been a little post about bits and bobs going on in my mind and I hope I haven’t put you to sleep.

Feel free to comment to me about what’s on your mind or give me feedback on any of these ideas that I am having.

Love ya,



My Gym Anxiety

Since joining a new gym last month I haven’t actually used any gym equipment, I have stuck to the places I know, which has pretty much only been the swimming pool.

It’s not even that I don’t know where anything is, because I could virtually walk to where I need to go right now in my head. I am not used to this gym, or the people, or the slightly different equipment and I am afraid that I will make a fool of myself.

For one everyone at this gym seems highly judgemental and I panic and think there’s something on my clothes or face or whatever. At my old gym I had got myself into a little routine and I am yet to do this at my new gym.

I am also completely alone at this gym. It was easier to go to the gym with my friends when we were at the one near our high street as it was easier to get to, but with everyone’s busy schedules (including my own), I am finding myself more and more without a gym buddy and that reduces my motivation to go.

This is also the reason I have recently bought myself new gym clothes on Fabletics, because if I have new things to wear to the gym, I will feel more obligated to go.

I am also just feeling too tired to go to the gym, this isn’t a valid excuse and this is probably down to my fucked up sleep pattern, once I get that sorted I might actually have a little more energy to do a decent workout.

My plan is to start going to this gym properly as soon as my Fabletics order arrives and actually use the gym equipment, not just the pool.

I also need to get my eating pattern sorted, because that’s a mess, but that’s a story for another time.

Stay beautiful,