Goodbye 2015

This year has been interesting, it started out as a mix of good and shit. This continued for most of the year.

I got into university this year, finally passed a certain exam that had been holding me back for a very long time, quit my job and made a few hair mistakes.

My personal life took quite a hit, but others around me seemed to be happy. For me, the positivity that I focused on throughout most of this year was from educational success and I’m thankful to be ending this year a hell of a lot happier than I started it, thanks to other areas in my life (which I like to keep private on here, if you hadn’t already noticed).

On the subject of privacy, I decided to delete my Facebook and make my new account more private. I was fed up of getting creepy requests and messages from complete strangers, this started to get out of hand and I’m glad I deleted it. I’m now less addicted to Facebook than I was and one of my resolutions will most probably be to cut down on social media because that’s not where real life is and it’s easy to forget that when you’re on it too much.

Maybe everyone should make that resolution and start living for the moment and not for likes on your profile.

I’m looking forward to what 2016 has to bring, but I’m not looking forward to the countless essays I have to write for all my modules.

2016 is going to be a healthier one and I am going to take care of myself and maybe get some of the ink that I’ve wanted for a while… Maybe a new piercing too?

Either way, I hope you guys have a great new year and I’ll try to post more on 2016 (maybe a resolutions list in early January).

Love ya, stay happy and be safe however you’re celebrating tonight!







Sorry :)

Hey guys, I apologise for my absence but I have been super busy with everything from going out too much (yes, I didn’t stick to my plan), to seeing my friends and living in the pages of prospectuses.

I have been going out a lot, but i’ve been staying at my friend’s houses more than I have been out.

These last couple of weeks I have spent more time at Beth and Amy C’s houses than my own and it’s been great. Staying busy takes my mind off of the fact that I am miserable and it is helping.

In this time I have been Netflixing and having girly sleepovers with my girls, we did the Ice Bucket Challenge on Tuesday, which was a laugh.

I have had no money all month, so I have tried not to venture into town and spend as little as possible, which has worked but I won’t see any results as I have a large sum of money to pay to college as soon as I go back.

I have been saving a £20 note in my room for last few weeks for a charity meal that I am going to tomorrow and have done so well not to spend it!

Everything is draining me and I won’t be going out much next month apart from a few nights that we already have planned out as my main focus for the upcoming month will be getting back into the swing of college and having everything organised so that I can do better this year.

I also need to get my butt back into the gym as I have been too busy to go recently, but this will change and I will make a time slot for the gym at least once a week.

I will be blogging normally again starting from this post, watch this space.

Love ya,



Bring on tomorrow!

Yesterday was a great day. I got to see my two girls Amy H and Amy C, it has been so long overdue and shouldn’t be left that long ever again!

We spend the day doing what we do best; window shopping and hanging out in our local Starbucks (second home). We all had a great catch up and decided to have a girls night on Sunday (tomorrow), I for one cannot wait.

After hosting a Body Shop party last night, me and Amy C went to mine. Sleeping turned into going through every Cosmopolitan US issue that I owned from 2011 to present date. It started off as looking through them and seeing how much it had changed over the years, then we had a great idea of pulling out every Cosmo Quiz (usually at the back of the mag) and taking them to our girls night tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 17.44.44

Obviously we didn’t just skip right to the back, we flicked through every single one, even found a few free samples!

Now that we have our reading material sorted for the evening, we just need face masks, Netflix and food. It’s going to be a great night and a much needed one!

Love my girls and love you all,



Travel Whoopsies and Jack Johnson Gig


So on after a long day at work I rushed to the station and hopped on a train to Fenchurch Street where I got ready on the train for a Jack Johnson gig at the Eventim (Hammersmith) Apollo.


We had a little trouble getting there as we are not regular tubers, everyone was probably looking us like ‘bloody tourists’, but after a few wrong stops and jumping onto trains to get us to the previous stop, we made it.

We got to the venue at 8:30pm roughly and the doors had opened at 7pm, but we were panicking for nothing as Jack Johnson didn’t come on for at least another half hour, phew!

After an amazing show with a spectacular pianist that we didn’t quite catch the name of (he had an amazing voice too), we began to make our way to where we were staying.

With food on our minds, we were on the hunt and ended up back at Fenchurch street where between us we got 40 McNuggets, and 2 subs. Delicious.

After our food we decided to get a cab back which cost less than we thought and ensured that we wouldn’t get lost.

On Monday it was time to go home, we both had things we had to do which meant getting up bright and early and making our way to Tower Hill.

We were given directions which involved getting a bus, which we thought would be simple. Oh how wrong we were.

We hopped on the bus that we were supposed to get and asked for 2 singles, handed the driver a tenna and he looked at us like we had given him play money.

Turns out London buses don’t take money anymore, how were we to know that?!

He then told us that we can pay by card, a card came out and we looked at him wondering where the machine was… Contactless only and of course neither of us has a Contactless card. We then had to find a convenience store and purchase Oyster Cards and we were on our way.

After we got of the bus I wished good luck to him on his interview and we went our separate ways.


I then made my way to Tower Hill station where the damn ticket machine wasn’t working and the ticket office was closed, so I walked to Fenchurch, bought my tickets there and made my way back to Tower Hill.

I think I got on the wrong train as I needed to go to Liverpool Street which is on the Victoria Line and I was on the District line, but I got off at Victoria Station, realised what I was doing and asked for assistance.

I was told to get off at Oxford Circus and get on the Central Line, which took me to exactly where I needed to go (Stratford City, then Southend Victoria eventually).

I wondered around Stratford for a few hours and kissed my money goodbye before getting a Single to Southend Victoria and finally going home.

I would have stayed longer if I wasn’t working that afternoon.

Jack Johnson was amazing.

I learnt a few things about London transport the last couple of days and I think I now understand the tubes. I have an Oyster Card now too which will come in handy in the future.

So that’s my last couple of days, there will be posts about my Stratford purchases in the near future.

Ta-ta for now.





Here is the amazeballs ‘TeaforHannah’ inspired birthday card that Hannah Heddle made for me, it looks better than my actual logo!



I spent my birthday (Wednesday, 25th) shopping with birthday money and going out in the evening with my lovely girls!

We had such great night and spent the majority of it in the pub. I really couldn’t ask for more lovely friends, each and every one of them are so special to me and if they are reading this I hope they feel appreciated.

Thanks to everyone that made my birthday special, I love you all.



Date night!

Later on, me and Owen are going to a Chinese all-you-can eat restaurant and I can’t wait!

We are such piglets for Chinese food, more than you could imagine!

I plan to wear something with lots of belly space and plan on having plates and plates and plates of Chinese food.

SO HUNGRY! Looking forward to some very tasty food!




Just a quick post..

Christmas yesterday was lovely; I ate lots of food, opened some lovely presents and enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to work.

My boyfriend Owen came round and we had a few drinks, opened some more presents and played Singstar with everyone.


Chilled out with my sister today and we actually didn’t get on each other’s nerves as much as we usually do (which makes a change), must have been the Christmas atmosphere!

I then went to Owen’s house, had a couple more drinks, opened some more lovely presents and played Articulate and Charades.

All in all I had a lovely.


Today is Boxing Day Christmas day at my mums, which means a second Christmas dinner (which was lovely), more great presents and family coming round very soon!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and got everything that they wished for!

I shall be reviewing a few gifts that I received later this week.

Christmas Wishes,



Not-so-failed evening…

So it turns out that I did go out in the end, only for literally 2 hours but it was fun.

We had a couple of drinks and had a little dance, but needed more money to drink etc. so we decided to leave.

All in all the evening wasn’t a complete fail, but it was a little cold! (Should really wear more when I go out drinking).



Failed evening.

I was actually looking forward to going out this evening with my boyfriend and his friends, but having no money has left me with no choice but to stay in.

Pay-day was meant to be on Friday, so not only am I disappointed that I cannot go out now, I am also frustrated that I have no solution and no choice but to stay in.

What’s even more frustrating is that I am going out monday evening, but will not be able to enjoy myself as much because I have work at 7am the next day.

My boyfriend isn’t coming out with me on Monday either and we have been out separately a lot this month, which makes me miss going out with him too.

Now I must let go of the excitement of going out and accept that I will not be going out and drinking with my boyfriend until New Year’s. 

All work, no play.