That’s That

This week (this Thursday to be exact) is finally my last day at college! After doing two years of sixth form and a year at college doing the complete wrong course for me, I found the one that was right and now I am about to finish that too.

A couple of days ago I got my final grade for the course I had been studying — Print-Based Media/Creative Media Production/Journalism — it has so many names that I have lost count, but the point is that I was very pleased with the grade I received.

I have proven to myself that I really can succeed if the challenge is within something that I am passionate about. As a person that always dreads the day I get educational results, I was positively shocked and I could feel the majority of my stress dissolving into the atmosphere around me.

Although I still have to wait until one result, this has certainly been a weight off and this grade has shown me that I did do the right thing in deciding to procrastinate in college for a further two years. I have used this time to figure my shit stuff out and then realise that University actually was a possibility for me.

Hitting slow-mo on going to University truly was a great decision for me because I have used the time that I would have been at University to get the ‘I’ve just turned 18, let’s go clubbing ALL THE  TIME’ behaviour out of the way and I will be going into this with a little more maturity and understanding of myself. Yes, I will still go out and drink, but it’ll be much more responsibly as I prefer a chilled evening with friends at the pub than clubbing until stupid o’clock anyway.

Stress will always exist because there is no way of me avoiding absolutely everything that stresses me out, but I am going to handle it in the best way possible and just stay positive about everything as much as I can.

For anyone out there that has absolutely no idea what they want to do with their life or their career; I can assure you that I have been there and everybody has their own timeline. Don’t jump into anything if you’re not ready and do things on your own terms, find yourself and everything else will fall into place.

You, reader, just peeked into my brain.

see you next time!




Enjoying my Sunday.

Today I have a full day off work, still have things to do, but I don’t have anywhere that I have to go to do them.

Me and Owen had a delicious fry up about an hour ago and I am stuffed now.

I am currently listening to an old Joy Division album Unknown Pleasures on my iTunes.


Some of you will know them and others will recognise the iconic album artwork which is printed on T-shirts a lot. Don’t you just hate when people wear band shirts and don’t even know who the band are?


Today I’m just chilling. Owen’s gaming and I’m listening to music, doing a little reading and at some point I will do some college work as I go back to college tomorrow. Not really ready to go back yet.

What are you guys doing on this dull-weathered Sunday?

Kisses, Hannah.



Fridays Purchases: Beauty/Just things

So on Friday I went to my local High Street for a little retail therapy (and some internet as I lost access for the past 2 days – hence the neglecting of my blog).

I was mainly on the search for a diary, I had seen one that I wanted in TKMAXX but sadly they were sold out. On my continued search for a diary I decided to go to Waterstones, which is where I found the most beautiful Paperblanks 2014 Diary!


I fell in love with it, it was the last one and also being January sales, it was half price! Not £12.99, £6.49 — I was very pleased to have found this diary, along with it’s beautiful design and perfect size, it also has a small address book in it!

After finding this diary I decided to walk to Starbucks to get some lunch, but I popped into Topshop and bought myself one of the little gift card holders (I am aware that they are for gift cards, but they are leather and so cute that I wanted to use it for my normal day-to-day cards).


I also bought a little eyeshadow from the Topshop make-up range and I shall do a separate post on that after I have used it at least once.

I then made my way to Starbucks where my friend Amy had just finished her shift! We ate lunch together and had some delicious beverages and I showed her my little purchases.

After a very, very long time in Starbucks she joined me on a little shop, we made our way to WHSmiths where we looked at some books and I purchased the new book by Cameron Diaz – The Body Book, I decided to purchase this book as it may hep me with some issues that I have with my appearance, I have always had them and it would be great if I could over come them, I may post about these issues in the future, possibly in depth or possibly just lightly touching on the subject — yet to decide.



Amy was looking at the Kobo eReader and it was £29.99 instead of £60.00! So she had to buy it, I also wanted one but it was the last one. Once Amy had purchased the Kobo, we decided to go to the other Starbucks in the High Street to unwrap it, the more Amy unwrapped it, the more I wanted one!

When me and Amy had gone our separate ways and I was on my way home walking through town, I popped into The Body shop and I saw my friend Charley who works in there, she managed to sell me two products that in her words were hangover cures for the skin, so I purchased them and actually tried them out this evening.



Both of these products are Vitamin C products.

The first product that I used was the Skin reviver, which I used yesterday before going out to dinner and the Cinema with my boyfriend, I used it as a primer after my Origins Ginzing Moisturiser and it smoothed out my skin nicely, I will definitely be using this product again as it felt extremely light on my face also.

I used the Microdermabrasion for the first time earlier this evening, I have actually never used one before and I must say it has made my skin feel so incredibly soft! I used my Origins Checks and Balances face wash, then the Microdermabrasion and finished with my Origins Ginzing Moisturiser. These worked well together because both of the products have Vitamin C in them.

I will definitely continue using these products because I have fallen in love with them already!

My last purchase that day was a dress from H&M which I wore later that evening, size 6, Chiffon material (I’m obsessed with Chiffon dresses). I wish I had taken a photo of my outfit before I went out last night so that you could see how great it looks on.

Following on from Amy’s purchase, tonight I actually purchased myself one of the Kobo eReaders myself, I ordered it in the Blue/White and cannot wait for it to arrive!

Love Hannah.



New Years Resolutions



So i’ve decided that this year I should actually make some resolutions, and I will actually plan to stick to them (fingers crossed).

My first resolution, my MAIN resolution is to handle my money better!                           To set myself limits and actually stick to them, to plan most of my purchases in advance and minimise my impulse buys to only one or two a month.

My second resolution is to focus on my college assignments as soon as I get them instead of leaving everything until the last minute (I still complete it on time, but it lacks detail sometimes).

My third resolution is to relax more! Stop worrying so much about work and going out. To stop worrying about people what they think, what I think of them and about what they’re doing with themselves. I will not care.

My fourth resolution will focus on not worrying about the time that me and my boyfriend don’t spend together and cherish all of the time that we DO spend together!

And my fifth and final resolution will be to eat less rubbish, balance the amount of sweets that I eat and just generally have less sugary bad things.

Boring little post — I know, but they are mainly here to remind me to stick to them…

What are your resolutions? Post below (if any).




Just a quick post..

Christmas yesterday was lovely; I ate lots of food, opened some lovely presents and enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to work.

My boyfriend Owen came round and we had a few drinks, opened some more presents and played Singstar with everyone.


Chilled out with my sister today and we actually didn’t get on each other’s nerves as much as we usually do (which makes a change), must have been the Christmas atmosphere!

I then went to Owen’s house, had a couple more drinks, opened some more lovely presents and played Articulate and Charades.

All in all I had a lovely.


Today is Boxing Day Christmas day at my mums, which means a second Christmas dinner (which was lovely), more great presents and family coming round very soon!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and got everything that they wished for!

I shall be reviewing a few gifts that I received later this week.

Christmas Wishes,



Not-so-failed evening…

So it turns out that I did go out in the end, only for literally 2 hours but it was fun.

We had a couple of drinks and had a little dance, but needed more money to drink etc. so we decided to leave.

All in all the evening wasn’t a complete fail, but it was a little cold! (Should really wear more when I go out drinking).



Failed evening.

I was actually looking forward to going out this evening with my boyfriend and his friends, but having no money has left me with no choice but to stay in.

Pay-day was meant to be on Friday, so not only am I disappointed that I cannot go out now, I am also frustrated that I have no solution and no choice but to stay in.

What’s even more frustrating is that I am going out monday evening, but will not be able to enjoy myself as much because I have work at 7am the next day.

My boyfriend isn’t coming out with me on Monday either and we have been out separately a lot this month, which makes me miss going out with him too.

Now I must let go of the excitement of going out and accept that I will not be going out and drinking with my boyfriend until New Year’s. 

All work, no play.