My Gym Anxiety

Since joining a new gym last month I haven’t actually used any gym equipment, I have stuck to the places I know, which has pretty much only been the swimming pool.

It’s not even that I don’t know where anything is, because I could virtually walk to where I need to go right now in my head. I am not used to this gym, or the people, or the slightly different equipment and I am afraid that I will make a fool of myself.

For one everyone at this gym seems highly judgemental and I panic and think there’s something on my clothes or face or whatever. At my old gym I had got myself into a little routine and I am yet to do this at my new gym.

I am also completely alone at this gym. It was easier to go to the gym with my friends when we were at the one near our high street as it was easier to get to, but with everyone’s busy schedules (including my own), I am finding myself more and more without a gym buddy and that reduces my motivation to go.

This is also the reason I have recently bought myself new gym clothes on Fabletics, because if I have new things to wear to the gym, I will feel more obligated to go.

I am also just feeling too tired to go to the gym, this isn’t a valid excuse and this is probably down to my fucked up sleep pattern, once I get that sorted I might actually have a little more energy to do a decent workout.

My plan is to start going to this gym properly as soon as my Fabletics order arrives and actually use the gym equipment, not just the pool.

I also need to get my eating pattern sorted, because that’s a mess, but that’s a story for another time.

Stay beautiful,




Nivea Night creams!

So over last month I have been trying out two different night creams, I usually don’t use night creams but was having such good luck with all of the Nivea products that I thought i’d try everything!

I started off using the Nivea Night Regenerating Cream and was amazed by it. Usually when I put anything on my face at night, I end up with breakouts. When I used this cream I had no breakouts, my skin stayed relatively clear and some of my scarring faded slightly.



I was so amazed by this product that I decided to try the anti-ageing one too. The Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream was thicker, I noticed small breakouts, but nothing major, as for the anti-wrinkle side of things, I don’t actually have wrinkles, but will probably use this night cream in the future.


All in all both creams are great, my skin is highly sensitive and reacts badly to products that most people are okay with. If your skin is also highly sensitive I recommend you trying the products that I have found to be effective!

Love Hannah.


Beauty: The Perfect Primer!

As you may have read previously, I have recently had to change most of my skin care range due to what can only be described as an allergic reaction.

I wasn’t that fussed about getting another primer, but as my skin was accepting the Nivea creams I decided to try it out. Everything was half price in Superdrug when I purchased them so I had no reason not to!

Usually I opt for sensitive skin products, but having tried the day cream from Nivea in a normal/combination, I thought it would be best to match the rest of my purchases to that skin type too.


So I purchased the Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer, I didn’t want to review this until I was sure of my opinion and now I am.

The texture is similar to a gel-like moisturiser, seems oily, but really isn’t.


As I apply the primer to my face it sinks in instantly, there is no waiting around and I can apply foundation instantly.

I use this primer almost everyday, sometimes apply tinted moisturiser if my skin isn’t looking great, but usually don’t wear any foundation unless I am going on a night out or to an important event.

The fact that the pot is glass makes it feel a lot more expensive than it is and the lid doesn’t loosen in my bad, thus preventing it from leaking in my makeup bag!


I like to use either the Nivea Cremé or the Light Moisturising Day Cream underneath the primer, especially if I am wearing the primer with no foundation.

Couldn’t praise this primer enough, it is so cheap and available everywhere, I strongly recommend trying it as you may never go back!




Beauty: New skincare, new skin?

So after facing that I cannot go back to my Origins or BareMinerals moisturisers and (as stated in my previous post) purchasing some Nivea ones. Hoping that my skin wouldn’t react to the Nivea ones as they are very simple and also very low in price which is a great bonus!

I have been using the Nivea Cremé and the Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream and am happy to say that my skin hasn’t reacted to either of them, what’s better is that my skin may finally be getting better!


I cannot confirm that they are great just yet, but have had no problems yet.

The Nivea Creme is a little oily for my liking, but sinks in eventually and the Light Moisturising Day Cream is fine on my skin, reacts a little with my burn (that happened at Benefit Cosmetics) that is healing now. I expected that the cream may react with the burn as it is still quite delicate, that is nothing to do with the cream, just my skin’s current state.

The Nivea Cremé appears to actually be healing the burn, this isn’t the purpose of the Cremé but it is working.

As for the Light moisturising day cream, I have no reactions, it is light on my skin and causes no breakouts, still a tiny bit oily but goes away on it’s own roughly a minute after application.

So glad that Nivea seems to work with my skin as they have many decent products at very reasonable prices!

Going to become a Nivea whore…

Love Hannah


TV villains aren’t real life villains!!

Just a quick rant;

This is to do with a certain Pretty Little Liars actor, so if you aren’t up to date — SPOILER ALERT!! (don’t scroll below Hanna Marin).


So as anyone up to date with Pretty Little Liars would know, Ezra is ‘A’ — Maybe?

Anyway, I have noticed a huge amount of hate towards Ian Harding (who plays Ezra).

Everywhere I look at Pretty Little Liars; Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook… there are ‘fans’ who must be deluded as they cannot face that Ezra is just a character, Ian is not Ezra in real life.

It’s the same thing with Mona, when she was revealed everyone was saying how they hate her and that she should die, and I mean seriously?! THEY ARE CHARACTERS.

People need to get their heads out of the clouds and realise that these are REAL PEOPLE, and they may not respond, but I’m sure they still see the hate and it must feel horrible.

– Rant over –



Nobody’s Perfect

Nobodys Perfect001

A little post about my skin…

My Skin’s History

I have battled with bad skin since I was 13/14, it ruined my confidence and forced me to start wearing foundation from a very young age. As I was in High School, I had no choice but to attempt to cover everything up (which is very hard to do when you are that age and have never used make-up before).

I never wore make-up properly until 2 years ago, that was when I actually had a real interest in it, I started experimenting on which things were best for my skin, which I am only really figuring out now.

Make-Up That Helps!

I tried BareMinerals last year and that worked great on my skin up until the winter time, my skin was too dry in the winter to wear BareMinerals so I stopped wearing make-up from July time (I went on holiday in July and decided it was time to let my skin breathe).

I sometimes wear concealer and a little foundation if my skin is really bad, but I try not to wear any in order to heal my skin faster.

I try to stick to wearing make-up when I go out in the evenings, or if I feel like looking nice.

My Winter Discovery

I did find a good foundation to use in december, it was the L’oreal Paris Nude Magique Eau De Teint which is a very light foundation, non-pore clogging (which is great as my skin is highly sensitive to breakouts) and it is very natural looking (I only need a tiny bit each time I wear it).

It’s All About The Wash

Since finding the right face wash, my skin has calmed down a lot, I am still yet to find the perfect moisturiser, but the Origins Ginzing is gentle enough to use on my skin and is a great product for now (if you read my last post you will know which moisturiser I am dying to try!).


It’s not always products that control my skin though…

Drinking peppermint tea instead of normal tea has done me good (since I can no longer have caffeine — another story for another time).

I cut down on my sugar intake around November and it has left me feeling exhausted all the time, but it has improved my skin, I still have chocolate now and again (and that is usually the main reason my my breakouts), but less sugar, more water and a bit of fruit now and again does my skin wonders!

Sadly I eat unhealthy meals more than I eat healthy ones and this affects my skin very negatively.

The Pill

I found that my previous contraceptive pill Cerazette made my skin a lot worse and since switching to Micronor my skin has been much easier to handle. Of course the pill has different affects on different people and I needed to experience the bad affects of one to find the one that works for me.

To Conclude

There is no one thing that keeps my skin acne free, I try to tame it as often as I can, the best way is to stay healthy, find products that work for you, track what you are doing and how it is affecting your skin and don’t worry about what other people think.

Skin changes all the time, being judged on your skin may feel horrible at the time, but it won’t last forever as the spots disappear when they want to.

Don’t worry, be happy!




Beauty: My January Wish List


So it’s January, I’m broke and I want everything.

I have decided to create a wish list for all of you containing everything I have wanted to purchase most this month.

Hopefully one by one throughout the next couple of months, I will purchase these products and review them (hopefully all positive reviews– fingers crossed!)

The first thing on my wish list is the Origins United State Balancing tonic (toner).


I mainly want this product because I don’t actually own a toner, nor have I ever used one (I know I should, but I just haven’t).

The reason I chose this particular toner is because of the reviews. There were acne prone girls reviewing this product very positively and others that bought this toner on a whim and absolutely loved it.

I now really want this toner and when I get it, hopefully I can also give a positive review!

The second thing on my wish list is another Origins product, in fact most of my wish list will be as I have been browsing their website a lot lately!

I already have the Origins Ginzing Energy boosting Moisturizer, but I feel it is too harsh sometimes on my sensitive skin. I have decided that I want the Origins Make a Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturizer because I feel this may be the right product for my skin.


Not only are the reviews great, but Emily uses this one and knowing her skin is similar to mine means that this product will probably work for me too. Hopefully!

I hope to get these two products as soon as possible as I can’t wait to try them out!

The third thing on my wish list is Demi Lovato Staying Strong in ebook form as my Kobo Touch should arrive on Monday!


Demi is an inspiration to me, I love her as an artist, as an actress and as a person and I cannot wait to read her book!

The fourth thing on my wish list is the Limited Edition Duo Fibre Real Techniques Brush Set, I’ve wanted these for a while now but didn’t really need them.


I still don’t really need the set, but I do want them and at some point when I have a fair amount of money again I will get them!

The Fifth thing on my wish list is another Origins Product, it is a face mask, but I am yet to decide which one I want more;


The Drink Up 10 Minute Mask, or the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask.


One is hydrating and one clears pores. My skin needs both of these, sometimes and once and sometimes one is more of a problem than the other, technically I need both of these masks, but one will have to come first (to be decided at a later date.. or by one of you?)

The Sixth thing on my wish list is the Nail Art Dotting Tool from Topshop, mainly because I don’t own one and long to decorate my nails further than just a basic coloured coat.


The Seventh and Final thing on my wish list is the Topshop Gloss Ink in either Cruel or Relentless.


I’m hoping they will have a similar affect as the Velvet Lips, which I have in Velveteen Ribbon and Plush (they are no longer available on the Topshop website but it is still available in Raven.


So that’s the end of this month’s wish list, there will be many, many more throughout this year and onwards!

Ta Ta for now,



Fridays Purchases: Beauty/Just things

So on Friday I went to my local High Street for a little retail therapy (and some internet as I lost access for the past 2 days – hence the neglecting of my blog).

I was mainly on the search for a diary, I had seen one that I wanted in TKMAXX but sadly they were sold out. On my continued search for a diary I decided to go to Waterstones, which is where I found the most beautiful Paperblanks 2014 Diary!


I fell in love with it, it was the last one and also being January sales, it was half price! Not £12.99, £6.49 — I was very pleased to have found this diary, along with it’s beautiful design and perfect size, it also has a small address book in it!

After finding this diary I decided to walk to Starbucks to get some lunch, but I popped into Topshop and bought myself one of the little gift card holders (I am aware that they are for gift cards, but they are leather and so cute that I wanted to use it for my normal day-to-day cards).


I also bought a little eyeshadow from the Topshop make-up range and I shall do a separate post on that after I have used it at least once.

I then made my way to Starbucks where my friend Amy had just finished her shift! We ate lunch together and had some delicious beverages and I showed her my little purchases.

After a very, very long time in Starbucks she joined me on a little shop, we made our way to WHSmiths where we looked at some books and I purchased the new book by Cameron Diaz – The Body Book, I decided to purchase this book as it may hep me with some issues that I have with my appearance, I have always had them and it would be great if I could over come them, I may post about these issues in the future, possibly in depth or possibly just lightly touching on the subject — yet to decide.



Amy was looking at the Kobo eReader and it was £29.99 instead of £60.00! So she had to buy it, I also wanted one but it was the last one. Once Amy had purchased the Kobo, we decided to go to the other Starbucks in the High Street to unwrap it, the more Amy unwrapped it, the more I wanted one!

When me and Amy had gone our separate ways and I was on my way home walking through town, I popped into The Body shop and I saw my friend Charley who works in there, she managed to sell me two products that in her words were hangover cures for the skin, so I purchased them and actually tried them out this evening.



Both of these products are Vitamin C products.

The first product that I used was the Skin reviver, which I used yesterday before going out to dinner and the Cinema with my boyfriend, I used it as a primer after my Origins Ginzing Moisturiser and it smoothed out my skin nicely, I will definitely be using this product again as it felt extremely light on my face also.

I used the Microdermabrasion for the first time earlier this evening, I have actually never used one before and I must say it has made my skin feel so incredibly soft! I used my Origins Checks and Balances face wash, then the Microdermabrasion and finished with my Origins Ginzing Moisturiser. These worked well together because both of the products have Vitamin C in them.

I will definitely continue using these products because I have fallen in love with them already!

My last purchase that day was a dress from H&M which I wore later that evening, size 6, Chiffon material (I’m obsessed with Chiffon dresses). I wish I had taken a photo of my outfit before I went out last night so that you could see how great it looks on.

Following on from Amy’s purchase, tonight I actually purchased myself one of the Kobo eReaders myself, I ordered it in the Blue/White and cannot wait for it to arrive!

Love Hannah.




Just a quick post..

Christmas yesterday was lovely; I ate lots of food, opened some lovely presents and enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to work.

My boyfriend Owen came round and we had a few drinks, opened some more presents and played Singstar with everyone.


Chilled out with my sister today and we actually didn’t get on each other’s nerves as much as we usually do (which makes a change), must have been the Christmas atmosphere!

I then went to Owen’s house, had a couple more drinks, opened some more lovely presents and played Articulate and Charades.

All in all I had a lovely.


Today is Boxing Day Christmas day at my mums, which means a second Christmas dinner (which was lovely), more great presents and family coming round very soon!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and got everything that they wished for!

I shall be reviewing a few gifts that I received later this week.

Christmas Wishes,



Wow, confusion.

Many thanks to for helping me with the kinks of WordPress!

Blog is starting to look less robotic now. 

Spent all morning googling how to use WordPress that I only have an hour until work! Oops!

Will be posting regularly once I understand it all a little more.. blog customisation is not my forte just yet! 


Thanks Emily for helping!