That’s That

This week (this Thursday to be exact) is finally my last day at college! After doing two years of sixth form and a year at college doing the complete wrong course for me, I found the one that was right and now I am about to finish that too.

A couple of days ago I got my final grade for the course I had been studying — Print-Based Media/Creative Media Production/Journalism — it has so many names that I have lost count, but the point is that I was very pleased with the grade I received.

I have proven to myself that I really can succeed if the challenge is within something that I am passionate about. As a person that always dreads the day I get educational results, I was positively shocked and I could feel the majority of my stress dissolving into the atmosphere around me.

Although I still have to wait until one result, this has certainly been a weight off and this grade has shown me that I did do the right thing in deciding to procrastinate in college for a further two years. I have used this time to figure my shit stuff out and then realise that University actually was a possibility for me.

Hitting slow-mo on going to University truly was a great decision for me because I have used the time that I would have been at University to get the ‘I’ve just turned 18, let’s go clubbing ALL THE  TIME’ behaviour out of the way and I will be going into this with a little more maturity and understanding of myself. Yes, I will still go out and drink, but it’ll be much more responsibly as I prefer a chilled evening with friends at the pub than clubbing until stupid o’clock anyway.

Stress will always exist because there is no way of me avoiding absolutely everything that stresses me out, but I am going to handle it in the best way possible and just stay positive about everything as much as I can.

For anyone out there that has absolutely no idea what they want to do with their life or their career; I can assure you that I have been there and everybody has their own timeline. Don’t jump into anything if you’re not ready and do things on your own terms, find yourself and everything else will fall into place.

You, reader, just peeked into my brain.

see you next time!




Knuckles down.

Next week I go back to college for what feels like the millionth time and hopefully the last.

After realising that I do want to go to Uni after all, I know that now is not the time to mess about. This time is different, I am not a child any more and I will prove it to myself and others when I get my shit together this year.

I am going to be more organised and balance work, college and socialising as equally as possible. Getting sleep in between all of this will be hard, but it is possible.

This year I have two diaries, this should help with balancing everything and keeping up with assignments.

Starting the second year shouldn’t be too bad, there may be a minor speed bump with adjustment around the october mark, but that adjustment may help me to focus on everything once it has passed.

This year will be different, this year is the beginning of a new and brighter future. New career opportunities and eventually be where I am destined to be.