Beauty: Back to bareMinerals?

As many of you know, I try not to wear make up as much as possible, I just feel so fake and hate the way it feels on my skin.

As you also may know, my skin goes through good and bad stages and when it’s bad, it’s really bad and makes me feel absolutely crap.

When my skin is really bad and I need to go to work or out of the house, I do try to cover up a bit and for this I use the Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum (in 51) — which I love and there is nothing wrong with it, but sometimes I prefer the way bareMinerals felt on my skin. Although the Healthy Mix Serum is light (and smells delicious) it can go oily after a while as it is a liquid, this isn’t really a problem for me as I carry the Healthy Balance Unifying Powder (52) with me for when this happens, but I don’t want to have to keep applying more crap to my face and with bareMinerals it took a lot less effort.

Back when I used to use bareMinerals I didn’t have a problem with it, it was more an issue of using the wrong moisturiser. My skin did not get along with the bareMinerals Purely Nourishing Moisturiser and this not only affected the way my skin felt, but the overall accuracy of the loose powder foundation.

Now that I know which moisturisers work for me, I feel it’s time to give the ol’ BM another go. It was super easy to apply, I didn’t need to use much and it took a lot less time in the mornings. Instead of opting for the Original Foundation (in Fairly Medium) I think i’ll give the Matte one a go as it may be better suited for my Combination and sometimes Oily skin.

I have done my research and this may be it for me, I will still use my Healthy Mix Serum and others that work for me such as the Mac Face and Body.

However, there are a few that I will steer clear of, ones that I probably shouldn’t have splashed out on right away. One that didn’t work for me were Nars Sheer Glow (in Gobi) was way too much for my skin, it was just cakey and suffocating on my delicate façade.

A foundation that I haven’t completely sworn off was the L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique Eau De Teint, it was a little too oily for my liking but did depend on the state of my skin at the time (probably down the again, the wrong moisturiser).

I also want to give the bareMinerals READY To Go Complexion Perfection Palette, but we will get to that later.

All-in-all, from my experience the only solution for my skin is less stress, less sugar and more water (if only there was a magic spell for removing all stress from one’s life).

I will do an update on my decision when I have returned to bareMinerals and have used the product for at least one month.

Love y’all,




Hello world.

Okay, so I know it’s been forever since I posted and I apologise profusely, but I took a much needed break from blogging and pretty much everything.

I am back and ready to post away!

Pretty Little Liars is back on the 10th, so expect a post about that on the 11th!

I also have a ton of ‘The Clear Out’ posts on their way as I threw out a sh*t-ton of products that were either not right for me or I just didn’t like anymore.

I will also be blogging about my life, what I’m doing, where I’m going etc.

Im back bitches —



Beauty: New skincare, new skin?

So after facing that I cannot go back to my Origins or BareMinerals moisturisers and (as stated in my previous post) purchasing some Nivea ones. Hoping that my skin wouldn’t react to the Nivea ones as they are very simple and also very low in price which is a great bonus!

I have been using the Nivea Cremé and the Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream and am happy to say that my skin hasn’t reacted to either of them, what’s better is that my skin may finally be getting better!


I cannot confirm that they are great just yet, but have had no problems yet.

The Nivea Creme is a little oily for my liking, but sinks in eventually and the Light Moisturising Day Cream is fine on my skin, reacts a little with my burn (that happened at Benefit Cosmetics) that is healing now. I expected that the cream may react with the burn as it is still quite delicate, that is nothing to do with the cream, just my skin’s current state.

The Nivea Cremé appears to actually be healing the burn, this isn’t the purpose of the Cremé but it is working.

As for the Light moisturising day cream, I have no reactions, it is light on my skin and causes no breakouts, still a tiny bit oily but goes away on it’s own roughly a minute after application.

So glad that Nivea seems to work with my skin as they have many decent products at very reasonable prices!

Going to become a Nivea whore…

Love Hannah


Beauty: Skin care no-nos (for me) review

Oh Moisturisers…

As you may have read in one of my previous posts, I have been using the Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Moisturiser. I was liking this moisturiser, it was a little oily for my liking, but seemed to be doing the job (this was when I first used the product).


After a few days of use I found that it would sting my skin when I applied it and throughout the day, the feeling didn’t go away and hasn’t every time that I have used it, it’s been a few weeks and I have decided to stop using it.

This brings me to the BareMinerals Purely Nourishing Moisturiser (for combination skin). I used this product prior to my Origins moisturiser and it would leave my skin red and irritated for a while and then slowly fade throughout the day.


This morning when I woke up I decided to use the BareMinerals after realising that the Ginzing solution was not for me. Today’s results are not great, it seems that my skin had reacted worse to theBareMinerals this time around. My skin went red as it usually does with this moisturiser, then went away as usual, but the pain stayed.

I feel like there may be one ingredient in both of these products that my skin does not agree with! Not only did the stinging stay this time, but I have notices a few pimples surfacing on my face, this moisturiser is a definite no-no for me now, and I will not be using it ever again after this. I now know that one of the causes of my (what used to be terrible) acne was the BareMinerals moisturiser.

So after college today I went to my local boots/superdrug stores and picked up two very gentle moisturising products by Nivea which were the original Nivea Cremé (from Boots) and the Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream (which was half price in Superdrug).

nivea products

I look forward to trying these products later and I will post reviews of them when I am confident on how I feel about them.

The reason I went for these two particular products is because the Nivea Cremé is an original, safe option and has been around for years.

The Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream was chosen because I have seen many positive reviews, it is a light moisturising cream which means a lower chance of pimples surfacing and it is very low priced which is means if it doesn’t work out, I have lost about £2 (usually £4).

What’s your favourite moisturiser?

Love Hannah.


Money, Money, Money…

Just a quick post to express my excitement for a few months time, when I can afford all the skincare products that I want and hopefully my skin will improve.

The main things I NEED;

The Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion (the toning lotion).


I know I mentioned in My January Wish List that I wanted a different toner, but I have decided to go for a lotion one rather than a watery one as I don’t want the toner to dry out my skin more.

The Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment and the Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturiser, these both have great reviews from people with the same skin issues as me and I really want to try all of them!


I plan on growing a bit of an Origins collection in the near future, obviously I will have to buy them one at a time over the next few months…


Which product would you readers recommend I purchase first?

Love, Hannah.


Nobody’s Perfect

Nobodys Perfect001

A little post about my skin…

My Skin’s History

I have battled with bad skin since I was 13/14, it ruined my confidence and forced me to start wearing foundation from a very young age. As I was in High School, I had no choice but to attempt to cover everything up (which is very hard to do when you are that age and have never used make-up before).

I never wore make-up properly until 2 years ago, that was when I actually had a real interest in it, I started experimenting on which things were best for my skin, which I am only really figuring out now.

Make-Up That Helps!

I tried BareMinerals last year and that worked great on my skin up until the winter time, my skin was too dry in the winter to wear BareMinerals so I stopped wearing make-up from July time (I went on holiday in July and decided it was time to let my skin breathe).

I sometimes wear concealer and a little foundation if my skin is really bad, but I try not to wear any in order to heal my skin faster.

I try to stick to wearing make-up when I go out in the evenings, or if I feel like looking nice.

My Winter Discovery

I did find a good foundation to use in december, it was the L’oreal Paris Nude Magique Eau De Teint which is a very light foundation, non-pore clogging (which is great as my skin is highly sensitive to breakouts) and it is very natural looking (I only need a tiny bit each time I wear it).

It’s All About The Wash

Since finding the right face wash, my skin has calmed down a lot, I am still yet to find the perfect moisturiser, but the Origins Ginzing is gentle enough to use on my skin and is a great product for now (if you read my last post you will know which moisturiser I am dying to try!).


It’s not always products that control my skin though…

Drinking peppermint tea instead of normal tea has done me good (since I can no longer have caffeine — another story for another time).

I cut down on my sugar intake around November and it has left me feeling exhausted all the time, but it has improved my skin, I still have chocolate now and again (and that is usually the main reason my my breakouts), but less sugar, more water and a bit of fruit now and again does my skin wonders!

Sadly I eat unhealthy meals more than I eat healthy ones and this affects my skin very negatively.

The Pill

I found that my previous contraceptive pill Cerazette made my skin a lot worse and since switching to Micronor my skin has been much easier to handle. Of course the pill has different affects on different people and I needed to experience the bad affects of one to find the one that works for me.

To Conclude

There is no one thing that keeps my skin acne free, I try to tame it as often as I can, the best way is to stay healthy, find products that work for you, track what you are doing and how it is affecting your skin and don’t worry about what other people think.

Skin changes all the time, being judged on your skin may feel horrible at the time, but it won’t last forever as the spots disappear when they want to.

Don’t worry, be happy!




Beauty: My January Wish List


So it’s January, I’m broke and I want everything.

I have decided to create a wish list for all of you containing everything I have wanted to purchase most this month.

Hopefully one by one throughout the next couple of months, I will purchase these products and review them (hopefully all positive reviews– fingers crossed!)

The first thing on my wish list is the Origins United State Balancing tonic (toner).


I mainly want this product because I don’t actually own a toner, nor have I ever used one (I know I should, but I just haven’t).

The reason I chose this particular toner is because of the reviews. There were acne prone girls reviewing this product very positively and others that bought this toner on a whim and absolutely loved it.

I now really want this toner and when I get it, hopefully I can also give a positive review!

The second thing on my wish list is another Origins product, in fact most of my wish list will be as I have been browsing their website a lot lately!

I already have the Origins Ginzing Energy boosting Moisturizer, but I feel it is too harsh sometimes on my sensitive skin. I have decided that I want the Origins Make a Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturizer because I feel this may be the right product for my skin.


Not only are the reviews great, but Emily uses this one and knowing her skin is similar to mine means that this product will probably work for me too. Hopefully!

I hope to get these two products as soon as possible as I can’t wait to try them out!

The third thing on my wish list is Demi Lovato Staying Strong in ebook form as my Kobo Touch should arrive on Monday!


Demi is an inspiration to me, I love her as an artist, as an actress and as a person and I cannot wait to read her book!

The fourth thing on my wish list is the Limited Edition Duo Fibre Real Techniques Brush Set, I’ve wanted these for a while now but didn’t really need them.


I still don’t really need the set, but I do want them and at some point when I have a fair amount of money again I will get them!

The Fifth thing on my wish list is another Origins Product, it is a face mask, but I am yet to decide which one I want more;


The Drink Up 10 Minute Mask, or the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask.


One is hydrating and one clears pores. My skin needs both of these, sometimes and once and sometimes one is more of a problem than the other, technically I need both of these masks, but one will have to come first (to be decided at a later date.. or by one of you?)

The Sixth thing on my wish list is the Nail Art Dotting Tool from Topshop, mainly because I don’t own one and long to decorate my nails further than just a basic coloured coat.


The Seventh and Final thing on my wish list is the Topshop Gloss Ink in either Cruel or Relentless.


I’m hoping they will have a similar affect as the Velvet Lips, which I have in Velveteen Ribbon and Plush (they are no longer available on the Topshop website but it is still available in Raven.


So that’s the end of this month’s wish list, there will be many, many more throughout this year and onwards!

Ta Ta for now,



A bad experience at the Benefit Brow Bar

So yesterday was my boyfriend’s birthday and I needed to look good, I went down to Benefit Cosmetics in Debenhams to get my usual..


Not so WOW this time around…

I am going to tell this very in-a-nutshell and say that basically I got burned. The skin on my lip got ripped off during a waxing and I was left with open flesh which was not coverable with make-up.

If it wasn’t for Emily ( I would not have been very comfortable, she managed to cover the burn with a lot of products to make it appear that I still had skin!

Thanks Emily for saving my butt!

I have made a complaint to Benefit Cosmetics UK and am awaiting a reply.

I am a loyal customer and have never had such a terrible experience.

I am now extremely worried that this may scar.



Beauty: Topshop products

So the other day I went into the Topshop sales while on a little stroll through town.

I had been to many stores already that day and bought some items of clothing and jewellery, but this post is purely about the make-up products that I bought.



As the sale was on and I had got to the till, I saw these reduced make-up products!


The Lip Marker is basically a colouring pen for your lips, easy to apply and lasts ages and it was only £4.00, it also had a very nice taste (probably unintended).


The second product was the Glitter, when buying this I didn’t really know what to expect as I could actually only see a pot of glitter, I gathered it would be for eyes, which is what I used it for in the end.


When I opened the Glitter I was surprised to find this base/primer type pot instead of glitter, which when I used it was perfect and held the glitter onto my eyelids really well!




As for the pot of glitter, that was a separate pot which unscrewed below the primer.

Next time I use this product I know not to put too much glitter on at once as it all ended up on one part of my eyelid, next time I will apply it bit by bit.

I love the Lip Marker so much that today I picked up a bright red one as there were still many left!

If you live near a Topshop and they still have these in their sale I recommend you all pick one up! Just wish these were available all the time!

Best Wishes,



P.s. Happy New Year!

Beauty: All I wanted for Christmas was Origins

After watching A VLOG post on‘s Youtube about the Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash, I decided that I too wanted to try it.

For Christmas, when my boyfriend asked me what I wanted I put this on my list.

When I received it, I was surprised by how big the pack was and after trying it I realised that this product was going to last me forever!



It says that you only need a small amount, and that you do!

When activated by water the wash became frothier than imaginable and I was very impressed.

My skin reacts to everything negatively, but not to this wash! It was gentle enough to do the job of cleaning my face without creating red patches or drying out my skin.

After using the wash my face felt fresh and soft, the perfect balance.

I follow this wash with the Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Moisturiser, these products work great together, but I am open to trying new Origins moisturisers in the future as well as many of their other products!