Nice try Valentine’s Day…

This morning and for most of today I have been feeling sorry for myself just as many other singles are probably doing right this moment.

While sat on the sofa watching countless reruns of Friends I started to think about my friends. We are all feeling down today because society is celebrating couples, but what about friendship? I think all the singles out there shouldn’t be crying over not having a significant other, they should be counting themselves lucky for having found amazing pals whose love is worth so much more than a most-probably-going-to-end-in-a-few-months relationship.
I don’t like seeing my friends upset over men who thrive on playing with girls emotions — because let’s face it, that’s all they ever do.
I’m not standing for that anymore and neither should any other girl. If they want to confuse us and send us mixed messages, they will be playing their games alone and definitely not playing with us.
As I think back over the last few hours I notice that although I have spent it alone, I have saved money. I haven’t had to make an effort trying to impress anyone and I have been in comfort all day because of it.
I no longer feel negative about being alone on Valentine’s Day, I feel blessed.
I love you all and hope that whatever you are doing today is done with a smile on your face.
To all the singles out there:
You are amazing and you are only single because other people suck!
Ta-ta for now,
Hannah Banana.

I got this.

Okay, there truly is no need for my incredibly crappy eating habits. The past week I have been steering clear from any chocolate and biscuits, and guess what? I haven’t died.

I try to stay away from chocolate when I can anyway as it destroys my skin and anyone who knows me knows that.

A weird thing has been happening since last week though. As I sort of caught up on a bit of sleep my body started to crave fruit and when I got my hands on some it felt great. I have decided that I am going to get into the habit of wanting to eat fruit, crave that instead of crap. It will benefit me profusely and will probably result in me having more energy too. Bonus! I can then have the energy to get my butt to the gym and become a better version of myself.

There is no downside to this plan. Obviously I will still treat myself, but it will be on rare occasions. At the end of the day, I only feel good about eating chocolate while i’m eating it. The aftermath of eating sugary food always leaves me feeling crap anyway and thats no fun!

So that’s what was on my mind. Pretty random, but there you go.

Love, love, love,



Goodbye 2014 & Resolutions

This year, to say the least has been an experience.

I have loved the wrong people too much and the right people not enough. I have cared too much, not focused on my own needs enough and lost myself along the way.

The months leading up to the New Year I have done a lot of soul searching, discovered that I do want to go to university, accepted and let go of a relationship – but not a friendship. I have come to find that sometimes things just aren’t meant to be and it may take a little time for it to sink in, but it always does. Overcoming a situation that I thought was impossible has helped me let go of a lot of negativity and I am so ready to discover what 2015 has to offer me.

I am going to start the new year with some resolutions that I will (hopefully) stick to;

1. Think positive — This year is only going to run smoothly if I am optimistic about everything, the less negativity, the better end result I will get. Think happy thoughts and happy things will happen!

2. Kick these terrible eating habits! — One week I am eating next to nothing, the week after I am having too much junk food, the week after its no sugar at all and my body just wants to shut down. It’s time to get healthy again and make my body feel better. No more ill Hannah!

3. Gym!!! — My god, have I been slacking recently! I will blame this one on Christmas break and leave it at that. January begins and I will be hitting that gym, no more paying for a membership and not using it!

4. Bye, bye alcohol! — Think one won’t be easy and I do not mean quitting alcohol all together (that’s just silly, I am a student). This means a lot less, less of everything (clubbing and drinking). It will not only benefit my health, but also my purse.

5. Love the one’s that love you back — It’s easy to love people too much, but if you aren’t getting that love in return any more, then it’s wasted. I will not waste my time and energy anymore. I will also not waste any time hating people. What’s the point? If I don’t like someone or they don’t like me, I will leave them to it.

So that’s that.

I wish everyone the best, have a lovely New Year.

I love all of you,

See you next year!



Sorry :)

Hey guys, I apologise for my absence but I have been super busy with everything from going out too much (yes, I didn’t stick to my plan), to seeing my friends and living in the pages of prospectuses.

I have been going out a lot, but i’ve been staying at my friend’s houses more than I have been out.

These last couple of weeks I have spent more time at Beth and Amy C’s houses than my own and it’s been great. Staying busy takes my mind off of the fact that I am miserable and it is helping.

In this time I have been Netflixing and having girly sleepovers with my girls, we did the Ice Bucket Challenge on Tuesday, which was a laugh.

I have had no money all month, so I have tried not to venture into town and spend as little as possible, which has worked but I won’t see any results as I have a large sum of money to pay to college as soon as I go back.

I have been saving a £20 note in my room for last few weeks for a charity meal that I am going to tomorrow and have done so well not to spend it!

Everything is draining me and I won’t be going out much next month apart from a few nights that we already have planned out as my main focus for the upcoming month will be getting back into the swing of college and having everything organised so that I can do better this year.

I also need to get my butt back into the gym as I have been too busy to go recently, but this will change and I will make a time slot for the gym at least once a week.

I will be blogging normally again starting from this post, watch this space.

Love ya,



A hermit I shall be.

Ok, so it’s about time I started taking responsibility of my student overdraft and by that I mean pay it off as soon as I can.

This does mean that I need to make a few changes, changes that may actually help me in the long run.

  • I will have to cut back on the amount of pointless shopping and only buy practical things. This does not mean I am quitting shopping for clothes, hell no. This girl has needs and wardrobe choice is one of them. I will however be cutting back on the amount that I can buy in a month.
  • I will stop eating lunches in town, it is unnecessary and the perfect way to throw all my money down the drain in a click.
  • I will only buy one magazine per month (unless there is an unmissable free gift).
  • I will make use of the gym as much as possible as it will not be money well spent if I never turn up.

And the last and probably most effective one of all…

  • I not be going out drinking/clubbing as often, I will try and only go once a month (people’s birthdays can be an exception). Most of my money goes on alcohol, the fast food I buy myself after alcohol or the cab home at the end of the night, night’s out are expensive and if I am really going to manage my money, I am going to have to stop going out as much and make the most of Netflix instead.

If all goes to plan, I could pay off that student overdraft in the next 2 months (just in time for college). This means that I can focus on saving money and more importantly, paying for the LA trip.

Photo on 02-08-2014 at 22.51 #6

I know I can do this with a little will power and I plan on making this happen by focusing on getting healthy, going to the gym and reading as many books as possible!

Books are probably a much better use of my time anyway.

Hope you haven’t fallen asleep while reading my boring plan!



Just made my first order on Fabletics!

Hey guys,

I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw an ad for a fitness online clothing store inspired by Kate Hudson. Okay, so the Kate Hudson bit may have swayed me.

They basically ask you what you’re comfortable with showing when working out, your sizes for each section,  what colours you like to wear and then they find it all for you!

I have ordered this set, which is £44, but because I am a new member it was 50% off.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 14.59.57

So that’s £22 for a sports bra, shorts and a top! So worth it and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

When it does arrive ill post a picture of me in it and give my opinion on how well it fits, delivery and value for money.

If you want to sign up click here, it’s free to sign up (if you just want to have a look and not buy anything).

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 15.07.30

I feel like i’ll be clicking this logo a lot in the future!

Love you all,



Posting from the gym

Yes, you read that right, I’m at the gym and I am going to be here a lot more as of next week.

As soon as I get that blender I will be throwing myself right into this health kick, until then I will do what I can do, which is gym lots and stay away from naughty food!

Whenever I come in here I am surrounded by people that are already fit and it’s imtimidating, I want to be one of them, I want people I come into the gym and feel as intimidated as I do when they see me.

I need I do my research and stick to a routine. This isn’t going I be easy, but it will be rewarding.

It’s time I focused on me and not let other people control my feelings.

I am not going to let my feelings hold me back, I am going to focus on me until I am in a good place, then I will worry about my feels towards particular others.

Not only am I going to be healthier, but I’m also going to continue with that big clear out! I need to stop hoarding everything, be heartless and just throw stuff out.

Once everything is clear, maybe life will become a little clearer too.

Adios amigos,



The Action Plan

I have a plan, it involves drinking less and that is why it will not commence until after my birthday (I plan to consume a large amount around the week of my birthday).

As some of you may already know, I had actually started going to the gym regularly, had.

This past month I have been so stressed out about everything that it had drained my energy, making me less motivated to do, well, anything.

However, this is going to change, after going swimming with Emily last week I remembered how nice it was and how it was one of the easiest forms of exercise. I am going to start swimming at my local pool as much as I can and start gymming regularly. I am going to eat better and try not to have sweets and chocolate. My meals will be smaller, healthier and some of them will be in the form of fruit/vegetable juices (there is a blender that I really want and will buy myself once I get paid).

That’s the body sorted, and now for the mind…

I am going to make sure that I get all of my studying done on time, this will reduce stress, which will reduce tiredness.

I will make time to finish my book (Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell), and try to read a different book every few weeks/a month.

I stop going out clubbing so much, to allow my liver to actually get a rest from all this alcohol! (Plus Captain Morgan’s Spiced isn’t exactly the healthiest of beverages!).

I hope that focusing on all of this will lead to a better me and be able to enjoy life in a way that I do not at this moment in time.


If anybody sees me treating myself to copious amounts of sweets or chocolate, you have permission to slap a bitch. 🙂