Pretty Little Liars game changer?

Spoiler alert obviously……


After watching last night’s episode and taking into account all of the events, I feel like the writers have a good enough angle to take this programme all the way and maybe even get that 10 season status. I wish.

The liars are beginning to see right through Ali and are basically decided to cut the cord with her, part of me thinks that this was her plan anyway, but it would be great if she had no idea and finally got what was coming to her.

Getting the girls to join in her new story was stupid, but for once they actually have a story (thanks to Spencer) that actually makes sense and would stop them getting arrested. They usually get away with it anyway but whatever.

I still don’t trust Melissa one bit, that is not sisterly concern, that is throwing your sister under the bus to get your own revenge. On the other hand though, it actually could be sisterly concern. I mean, we don’t know what Melissa is hiding (she probably killed Bethany young, or mrs. D, that would be lols.), but whatever she is hiding may actually have a ripple effect on everyone and maybe she is actually doing all of this for the greater good. All in good time.

At the end of the episode when -A was packing all of their black clothes and then packed the nurse dress from that time the liars played dress up, this could be Ali and that would make everything very interesting, they would have lots of angles that they could go and the programme could get a lot darker (which I love).

But -A could be one of the liars, Spence? maybe Aria? If it is Spencer that would make sense because of the times when she played around with being -A and would be awesome, or if it’s Aria she could team up with Ezra and I would die.

Either way, there are so many ways that they could spin it at this point and part of me wants there to be huge secrets that the parents have kept and to find out that this has been going up since way back and that -A is and Mrs Grunwald, ha.

Whatever happens, I just don’t want the show to end, I will have to find another obsession to replace this one and if I don’t I may lose my mind.

Looking forward to the next episode and hoping that something shocking happens.

Hope you enjoyed reading bitches.

– A





Pretty Little Liars/Ravenswood; My confused rant.

I could not express enough confusion for the Pretty Little Liars/Ravenswood crossovers and Hanna and Caleb’s relationship.


I really wish they had never done the spin of show, when Hanna comes to visit I cannot figure when that actually happens in Pretty Little Liars.

When something happens between Hanna and Caleb in Ravenswood, has that actually happened yet in Pretty Little Liars?

I only watch Ravenswood when Hanna comes to stars in the episodes (mainly because I miss Haleb), but it is getting so confusing that I may just have to give up trying to follow their relationship and just focus on the other Pretty Little Liars story lines.

Also if Caleb ends up dying in Ravenswood I will not be impressed!

This whole Caleb/Miranda thing pisses me off too, poor Hanna is loved one minute and pushed aside the next.

— Rant over —