LA Baby!

Hey everyone!

I haven’t posted in ages and I have no excuse. This time last week I had already returned from LA and was probably getting over the last of my jet lag.

I’ve always wanted to go to America, felt a pull towards the country as a whole. I felt I would fit in better there than I do in England and I’m pretty sure that feeling had proven to be right after my visit. I felt more at home away from my home country!


This was initially an educational trip, we visited places linked to our course of study. I study Creative Media Production/Print Based Media, which covers pretty much all media platforms and I, personally am focusing my career path towards journalism or film studies. The places we visited were perfect for my current course and possible future career, we went to Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Magazine where we got to see what it’s like to actually work in that environment. They were currently working towards publishing deadlines, which gave us a chance to see a real and working newsroom in all its glory.


We went to Venice Beach, Olvera Street, Santa Monica and obviously, Hollywood.

Everywhere we went was breathtaking, each location was different and full of character. I loved Venice Beach and I can’t illustrate exactly what it was like there because it changed at every turn! While wondering across the beautiful mix of sand and skateparks, a few others and I discovered a basketball game being reported by William Baldwin. – I tried searching the internet and found nothing, so I have no clue if it was an important game.

Just a pathway away from the basketball game there was a film crew setting up for what appeared to be some sort of dance movie, it was probably for a really popular one but I don’t particularly watch them (they’re all the same to me).

When we went to Olvera Street it felt like we had stepped into a new country within the country, it was full of history and felt very sacred. It is the oldest part of downtown Los Angeles and everything about it felt historical, this place was all about tradition. It amazed me that one part of LA could be so very different to another.

Next we went to Hollywood which consisted of studio visits and all the tourist-esque things expected from a trip like this. We did the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour and the Universal Tram Tour.


I basically lost it when we went to Warner Bros. as it is the home of Pretty Little Liars. We walked around the outdoor sets of PLL; Rosewood High School, Hollis College, Most of Rosewood really. We didn’t go in the actually sound stage BECAUSE THEY WERE FILMING THAT DAY, I am amazed that I kept it together at all and didn’t have some kind of fan-fueled breakdown. Universal Studios was awesome too, with all the Back to the Future cars and Jurassic Park!


I loved the tours more than the rides because it was great to get a real understanding of everything that goes into creating films, learning studio secrets and camera tricks. Me being me, I purchased just the right amount of merchandise, but I definitely could have got more!! (Someone take me back, I need the rest of the Pretty Little Liars merchandise section!).


We had one full day exploring actual Hollywood, shopping a little (my money went on Victoria’s Secret and Sephora that day) and then we had dinner at the Hard Rock Café (where I obviously got a t-shirt).

I loved Hollywood, the studios were better for me as it felt more personal and I gained knowledge. Hollywood was good for photographing your favourite star on the walk of fame and they were setting up a red carpet that day which was interesting to see.


On our last day we went to Santa Monica, it was a lovely place and I spent most of my time shopping and attempting to explore (harder to do when you have to stay in a group). I got some beautiful pictures, but the memories of being there are better. We didn’t have as long as I hoped in Santa Monica, but I managed to go in a fair few shops and pick up a Bloomingdale’s bag!

We then had a nice long plane ride home.

All-in-all it was a lovely trip, I love America, I love everything about it and it felt like home. Maybe one day it will be my home, but that’s another story for another day.

Currently feeling the blues of being back, but I visited my future University yesterday (my second visit) and I am 100% sure that De Montfort is the place for me. I have my place, it’s just a waiting game now. I have so many plans, hopes, dreams for the future and I look forward to sharing more of my journey with all of you.

Thanks for taking the time to read me rambling on and on, I love you guys.




Knuckle down girl.

It’s a new week and i’m positive that although we have a deadline it shouldn’t be too stressful. With one deadline behind me — that was due last week, I have managed to relax a little. Over the weekend I went to work, Netflixed a tad and finished the book I was reading (It girl, a spin off series from the author of Gossip Girl).

After doing a fair amount of work today, I am determined to keep this up until everything is to the best it can be. I made a lot of progress on one of the main pieces need for this assignment today and now feel like I can put my feet up tonight, after my Cardio Tennis class of course.

Recently I feel like I have had a little too much on my plate, it’s good to be busy but I feel like I may have been stretching myself too far. It’s not good for me to be this busy and sometimes I just need a break, my sleep pattern is all over the place and I plan on going to bed at a reasonable time tonight (hopefully).

This girl needs sleep and the only way she is going to get it is if she works her arse of during the day and gets shit done.

If anyone notices that I am online at an unearthly hour, you have permission to send me a virtual slap.

Must be going now,



A weight lifted.

Sorry it’s been a while, but I promise I have a good excuse!

After weeks and weeks of panicking over my personal statement (and various other things) I have finally finished it.

I went through a lot of ups and downs along the way, this is what made me change my mind about Uni the first time around. In sixth form, when we began to use UCAS and start our applications I freaked out, it wasn’t so much the applying but being unable to write a personal statement.

I know now that I was unable to write it because I had not yet discovered what I really wanted to do. It took taking a bunch of different courses to realise that Journalism and Creative writing is what I really want to do, if I had gone to Uni after sixth form I would have taken the completely wrong course and felt completely lost and confused in what I wanted to do as a career after Uni.

I still panicked this time around, but only at the end. I was struggling to finish the personal statement because I felt I hadn’t written enough, when considering that we had a limit it turns out I had written too much and had to condense it.

It just goes to show that sometime University isn’t always for you at a certain time in your life, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t for you period.

I am now in the process of completing my UCAS application and with the personal statement segment finished it should be a lot easier.

Wish me luck guys!

Love, love, love…



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Brain, what are you doing?!

I am twenty in five days and have just finished yet another first year of college…
After finishing high school, I went to sixth form for two years, I then took a year at college in a course that was definitely not for me (Travel and Tourism), but this year I joined the course that I know is meant for me (Publishing/Print Based Media).

The whole reason that I decided to go to college after sixth form was because I didn’t want to go to university, but since doing this year at college I keep thinking about what it would be like to go to uni.

This year I made some amazing friends, and one of them (Amy H) is leaving us to go to uni and will not be back for the second year of our course. While Amy H was preparing everything for uni, it got me thinking about everything. I feel like part of me didn’t want to go to uni because of how wrapped up I was in my relationship, but now I have nothing holding me back, my feelings are not enough and I can’t let them hold me back if I have no chance.

When I finish my second year, I am seriously considering uni now, which feels silly as all of my friends from sixth form will be finishing their uni courses, as they come to the end of uni, I will be at the very start.

Me and Amy C were discussing all things university the day before last and it got me very excited about what’s to come with my education, we were chatting about it and came to the conclusion that this could be the fresh start that is much needed, I would be in a different location, all on my own (which would be daunting at first) where new opportunities await.

My only worries are what will come of my employment, funding and accommodation. Bring on the new stress…

Not to worry yet though, all I need to do for now is research courses, which universities to consider and focus on the last year of my college course.


A confused Hannah.