The Carrie Diaries Season Two Finale; My Views + Spoilers

I feel like when this programme first started it wasn’t very accurate, but it has come a long way. We are now at the end of season two and everything is finally falling into place.

Carrie is on relatively bad terms with her dad at the end and decides not to go to College and to live in Manhattan (so far with no job or money).

Sadly her and Sebastian ended at the end of this episode and she visiting Weaver for advice during the episode which leads me to believe that we haven’t seen the end of Carrie and Weaver. I have a feeling that Carrie and Weaver will get back together again and just as they are in a really great place… Sebastian will suddenly come back into Carrie’s life (but this probably won’t happen until the season three finale).

Dorrit and Carrie left on good terms which is unusual as in Sex and the City she made a point of showing that her and her sister never got along and when she moved to the City they left on bad terms (but this could still happen at the beginning of season three.

Maggie got engaged to that army guy at the end of the episode which is completely random and probably a way to kill her character off (minus actual killing), her character will probably move to the suburbs with her army husband never to be seen or heard from by Carrie ever again.

Samantha and Carrie move in together which will probably be the biggest plot, season three will probably introduce the next friend in Carrie’s life. Originally it went Charlotte, Miranda then Samantha which is inaccurate therefore I cannot predict who she will meet next.


Let me know what you thought of the finale and the rest of the show below!




Pretty Little Liars/Ravenswood; My confused rant.

I could not express enough confusion for the Pretty Little Liars/Ravenswood crossovers and Hanna and Caleb’s relationship.


I really wish they had never done the spin of show, when Hanna comes to visit I cannot figure when that actually happens in Pretty Little Liars.

When something happens between Hanna and Caleb in Ravenswood, has that actually happened yet in Pretty Little Liars?

I only watch Ravenswood when Hanna comes to stars in the episodes (mainly because I miss Haleb), but it is getting so confusing that I may just have to give up trying to follow their relationship and just focus on the other Pretty Little Liars story lines.

Also if Caleb ends up dying in Ravenswood I will not be impressed!

This whole Caleb/Miranda thing pisses me off too, poor Hanna is loved one minute and pushed aside the next.

— Rant over —