Don’t worry, be happy

Ever feel like you put so much effort into something and get nothing back? That’s how I feel after this month and I am now in fear that I am doing the same for this upcoming month too.

Those of you that have me on social media sites will know that I’ve been in a bad mood all week and it’s because I am trapped right now.

I had been counting down for the end of the month, put that date on a pedestal as it were the answer to my problems, because initially it was.

The end of the month was supposed to be the end to my financial difficulty and instead it appears I have worked all month for nothing.

While waiting for a miracle to happen I have been trying to take my mind off this issue with my final major project at college.

I had this idea to analyse the way music makes us feel, how we have specific emotions linked to songs that act almost as a soundtrack to a particular memory. Focusing on this idea has kept me in my own little world, that and my Netflix addiction, which is at an all time high!

While I feel angry, betrayed and exhausted from working for nothing, I know I need to focus on all the positives.

Positivity is key and I have a lot to look forward to. I have university, where is a question of the outcome of my upcoming exams — this is more stress, but I will have a university to go to regardless of my results, thanks to a lucky unconditional offer to fall back on.

I finished Paper Towns and will probably be reviewing that soon and discussing my view on how they are adapting this to the screen.

I have managed to watch almost FIVE SEASONS of The Vampire Diaries which I started watching just before I went to LA at the start of March. Although I am busy, I may have replaced sleep with Netflix to get to where I am in the programme. I am doing this for a reason and that reason is to get up to date in order to write about it for the online magazine in which I write for.

I am not sure what I am going to do about my current financial situation because I am quite frankly struggling now and it’s infuriating as I put all my time and energy in for practically nothing.

So that’s where I’m at right now, just thought I’d update you before I post about other various things!

If anyone else is struggling with the same situation as me, I suggest you focus on the positives too and remember that you’re letting them win if they’re getting you down!

Peace out my darlings,




LA Baby!

Hey everyone!

I haven’t posted in ages and I have no excuse. This time last week I had already returned from LA and was probably getting over the last of my jet lag.

I’ve always wanted to go to America, felt a pull towards the country as a whole. I felt I would fit in better there than I do in England and I’m pretty sure that feeling had proven to be right after my visit. I felt more at home away from my home country!


This was initially an educational trip, we visited places linked to our course of study. I study Creative Media Production/Print Based Media, which covers pretty much all media platforms and I, personally am focusing my career path towards journalism or film studies. The places we visited were perfect for my current course and possible future career, we went to Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Magazine where we got to see what it’s like to actually work in that environment. They were currently working towards publishing deadlines, which gave us a chance to see a real and working newsroom in all its glory.


We went to Venice Beach, Olvera Street, Santa Monica and obviously, Hollywood.

Everywhere we went was breathtaking, each location was different and full of character. I loved Venice Beach and I can’t illustrate exactly what it was like there because it changed at every turn! While wondering across the beautiful mix of sand and skateparks, a few others and I discovered a basketball game being reported by William Baldwin. – I tried searching the internet and found nothing, so I have no clue if it was an important game.

Just a pathway away from the basketball game there was a film crew setting up for what appeared to be some sort of dance movie, it was probably for a really popular one but I don’t particularly watch them (they’re all the same to me).

When we went to Olvera Street it felt like we had stepped into a new country within the country, it was full of history and felt very sacred. It is the oldest part of downtown Los Angeles and everything about it felt historical, this place was all about tradition. It amazed me that one part of LA could be so very different to another.

Next we went to Hollywood which consisted of studio visits and all the tourist-esque things expected from a trip like this. We did the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour and the Universal Tram Tour.


I basically lost it when we went to Warner Bros. as it is the home of Pretty Little Liars. We walked around the outdoor sets of PLL; Rosewood High School, Hollis College, Most of Rosewood really. We didn’t go in the actually sound stage BECAUSE THEY WERE FILMING THAT DAY, I am amazed that I kept it together at all and didn’t have some kind of fan-fueled breakdown. Universal Studios was awesome too, with all the Back to the Future cars and Jurassic Park!


I loved the tours more than the rides because it was great to get a real understanding of everything that goes into creating films, learning studio secrets and camera tricks. Me being me, I purchased just the right amount of merchandise, but I definitely could have got more!! (Someone take me back, I need the rest of the Pretty Little Liars merchandise section!).


We had one full day exploring actual Hollywood, shopping a little (my money went on Victoria’s Secret and Sephora that day) and then we had dinner at the Hard Rock Café (where I obviously got a t-shirt).

I loved Hollywood, the studios were better for me as it felt more personal and I gained knowledge. Hollywood was good for photographing your favourite star on the walk of fame and they were setting up a red carpet that day which was interesting to see.


On our last day we went to Santa Monica, it was a lovely place and I spent most of my time shopping and attempting to explore (harder to do when you have to stay in a group). I got some beautiful pictures, but the memories of being there are better. We didn’t have as long as I hoped in Santa Monica, but I managed to go in a fair few shops and pick up a Bloomingdale’s bag!

We then had a nice long plane ride home.

All-in-all it was a lovely trip, I love America, I love everything about it and it felt like home. Maybe one day it will be my home, but that’s another story for another day.

Currently feeling the blues of being back, but I visited my future University yesterday (my second visit) and I am 100% sure that De Montfort is the place for me. I have my place, it’s just a waiting game now. I have so many plans, hopes, dreams for the future and I look forward to sharing more of my journey with all of you.

Thanks for taking the time to read me rambling on and on, I love you guys.



Always plenty to buy when I have no funds.

As most of you know I love a good shop. A new dress or new underwear and my mood goes from hate the world to loving life instantly, but why do I always want to buy things when I can’t?

More importantly, why are there so many great, useful and needed products when I don’t have the cash and as soon as I get the cash all of the items are gone.

This post is a little insight into how I got in my overdraft and the struggle of paying it off.

It’s pretty simple really. When I am in a bad mood, the biggest pick-me-up is a new product. They say money can’t buy happiness, but I have never been upset by a beautiful new item of clothing and it may be very materialistic of me but I find it very therapeutic.

Most people when they are sad like to eat their feelings, but I like to spend mine.

Recently I haven’t been buying anything but necessities, so if you have been around me recently and wondered why I am in a bad mood, it’s purely because I am trying to pay off my overdraft and I am having withdrawal symptoms.

I don’t have to be upset to want to spend, I can be stressed or angry too and usually I am all three.

Shopping is my substitute for feelings, not knowing what to do with time that was once spent with people close to you can do bad things and personally I think there are worse ways to take my feelings out on than shopping.

So the next time I am judged for buying something, think about all the worse things that I could be doing rather than treating myself to a new dress every once in a while and understand that paying off an overdraft is hard. Everyone has their bad days and their own way of dealing with them.

I am trying my best to pay it off at the moment, I am going out less and treating myself very rarely, it sucks and I hope it’s paid off soon as I am fed up of being in this permanent dull mood.

This got a little ranty, but thanks for reading.

Love ya,



Fridays Purchases: Beauty/Just things

So on Friday I went to my local High Street for a little retail therapy (and some internet as I lost access for the past 2 days – hence the neglecting of my blog).

I was mainly on the search for a diary, I had seen one that I wanted in TKMAXX but sadly they were sold out. On my continued search for a diary I decided to go to Waterstones, which is where I found the most beautiful Paperblanks 2014 Diary!


I fell in love with it, it was the last one and also being January sales, it was half price! Not £12.99, £6.49 — I was very pleased to have found this diary, along with it’s beautiful design and perfect size, it also has a small address book in it!

After finding this diary I decided to walk to Starbucks to get some lunch, but I popped into Topshop and bought myself one of the little gift card holders (I am aware that they are for gift cards, but they are leather and so cute that I wanted to use it for my normal day-to-day cards).


I also bought a little eyeshadow from the Topshop make-up range and I shall do a separate post on that after I have used it at least once.

I then made my way to Starbucks where my friend Amy had just finished her shift! We ate lunch together and had some delicious beverages and I showed her my little purchases.

After a very, very long time in Starbucks she joined me on a little shop, we made our way to WHSmiths where we looked at some books and I purchased the new book by Cameron Diaz – The Body Book, I decided to purchase this book as it may hep me with some issues that I have with my appearance, I have always had them and it would be great if I could over come them, I may post about these issues in the future, possibly in depth or possibly just lightly touching on the subject — yet to decide.



Amy was looking at the Kobo eReader and it was £29.99 instead of £60.00! So she had to buy it, I also wanted one but it was the last one. Once Amy had purchased the Kobo, we decided to go to the other Starbucks in the High Street to unwrap it, the more Amy unwrapped it, the more I wanted one!

When me and Amy had gone our separate ways and I was on my way home walking through town, I popped into The Body shop and I saw my friend Charley who works in there, she managed to sell me two products that in her words were hangover cures for the skin, so I purchased them and actually tried them out this evening.



Both of these products are Vitamin C products.

The first product that I used was the Skin reviver, which I used yesterday before going out to dinner and the Cinema with my boyfriend, I used it as a primer after my Origins Ginzing Moisturiser and it smoothed out my skin nicely, I will definitely be using this product again as it felt extremely light on my face also.

I used the Microdermabrasion for the first time earlier this evening, I have actually never used one before and I must say it has made my skin feel so incredibly soft! I used my Origins Checks and Balances face wash, then the Microdermabrasion and finished with my Origins Ginzing Moisturiser. These worked well together because both of the products have Vitamin C in them.

I will definitely continue using these products because I have fallen in love with them already!

My last purchase that day was a dress from H&M which I wore later that evening, size 6, Chiffon material (I’m obsessed with Chiffon dresses). I wish I had taken a photo of my outfit before I went out last night so that you could see how great it looks on.

Following on from Amy’s purchase, tonight I actually purchased myself one of the Kobo eReaders myself, I ordered it in the Blue/White and cannot wait for it to arrive!

Love Hannah.



New Years Resolutions



So i’ve decided that this year I should actually make some resolutions, and I will actually plan to stick to them (fingers crossed).

My first resolution, my MAIN resolution is to handle my money better!                           To set myself limits and actually stick to them, to plan most of my purchases in advance and minimise my impulse buys to only one or two a month.

My second resolution is to focus on my college assignments as soon as I get them instead of leaving everything until the last minute (I still complete it on time, but it lacks detail sometimes).

My third resolution is to relax more! Stop worrying so much about work and going out. To stop worrying about people what they think, what I think of them and about what they’re doing with themselves. I will not care.

My fourth resolution will focus on not worrying about the time that me and my boyfriend don’t spend together and cherish all of the time that we DO spend together!

And my fifth and final resolution will be to eat less rubbish, balance the amount of sweets that I eat and just generally have less sugary bad things.

Boring little post — I know, but they are mainly here to remind me to stick to them…

What are your resolutions? Post below (if any).



Failed evening.

I was actually looking forward to going out this evening with my boyfriend and his friends, but having no money has left me with no choice but to stay in.

Pay-day was meant to be on Friday, so not only am I disappointed that I cannot go out now, I am also frustrated that I have no solution and no choice but to stay in.

What’s even more frustrating is that I am going out monday evening, but will not be able to enjoy myself as much because I have work at 7am the next day.

My boyfriend isn’t coming out with me on Monday either and we have been out separately a lot this month, which makes me miss going out with him too.

Now I must let go of the excitement of going out and accept that I will not be going out and drinking with my boyfriend until New Year’s. 

All work, no play.

So much to do, so little motivation..


I work in retail and study Publishing/Print Based Media at college, I don’t have single day off.

In my college class, there are mainly 16 year olds, a couple of 17 year olds and my friends who are 18 and one of them is 19.

This makes me the oldest student in our class which feels a little awkward at times.

I work back to back work/college every day, the others in my class do not know how lucky they have it!

They have all the time in the world and the course is free for them and £16,000 a year for me (2 years).


It is exhausting doing both and I have been coping quite well until now, two assignments due in the space of a week and I hadn’t focused on the second.

The due date for my assignment is tomorrow, I still have things to do in my sketchbook from a previous assignment and half of this one still to do.

Tonight will be work, work, work!


Wish me luck!