Goodbye 2015

This year has been interesting, it started out as a mix of good and shit. This continued for most of the year.

I got into university this year, finally passed a certain exam that had been holding me back for a very long time, quit my job and made a few hair mistakes.

My personal life took quite a hit, but others around me seemed to be happy. For me, the positivity that I focused on throughout most of this year was from educational success and I’m thankful to be ending this year a hell of a lot happier than I started it, thanks to other areas in my life (which I like to keep private on here, if you hadn’t already noticed).

On the subject of privacy, I decided to delete my Facebook and make my new account more private. I was fed up of getting creepy requests and messages from complete strangers, this started to get out of hand and I’m glad I deleted it. I’m now less addicted to Facebook than I was and one of my resolutions will most probably be to cut down on social media because that’s not where real life is and it’s easy to forget that when you’re on it too much.

Maybe everyone should make that resolution and start living for the moment and not for likes on your profile.

I’m looking forward to what 2016 has to bring, but I’m not looking forward to the countless essays I have to write for all my modules.

2016 is going to be a healthier one and I am going to take care of myself and maybe get some of the ink that I’ve wanted for a while… Maybe a new piercing too?

Either way, I hope you guys have a great new year and I’ll try to post more on 2016 (maybe a resolutions list in early January).

Love ya, stay happy and be safe however you’re celebrating tonight!







Permission to be excited?

I am counting the days until I get to see many people that I love very much– aside from the deadlines for college, I cannot wait for next week and the weeks that follow afterwards.

My closest friends are either coming home from University or important trips. I am looking forward to spending time with them and making the most of their presence until they go back to their studies and busy lives.

I plan to have various coffee dates, cinema trips and nights out on the lead up to the new year. It has been far too long since I have seen some of these people and it will do me some good to reconnect with them.

Each and every one of them should know who they are and if it wasn’t clear enough before (if they are reading this) they should know that I love them all very much and cannot wait to see them!

I will use the rest of my days prior to their returns to focus on finishing my work and getting it submitted in time.

Looking forward to spending some quality time with these beautiful people!

Love you all ❤