January Hmmmm.

It’s January 10th. I’m sat on the train and on my way back to Leicester. I’ve had a nice Christmas and don’t really want to leave – not the place, just the people.

Anyway, my point is that it’s January 10th. January the 10th and I’m only just deciding my New Years resolutions right here, right now on the train. Oops.

I don’t usually make concrete resolutions, I’m pretty easy on myself, but I’ve got to make them and stick to them this year!

Begin, shall I?

Climb girl, climb.

On my return to uni, I am purchasing my insurance card which allows me to join the climbing club, then I can climb regularly and hopefully gain more confidence, strength and technique. I’m afraid of falling, but the more confidence I get on the wall, the less I fear the height and the falling part becomes less likely to happen.


This resolution just involves sticking to my healthy eating habits no matter where I am – maybe it will help others around me eat a little better too?

Less sugary temptations, more fruits and nuts!

Balancing the pounds

The pounds I refer to here are of the financial kind. I need to try my best to only buy necessities and just treat myself once in a while.

Easier said than done, but one of those money box challenges may help me save.


I must go to bed earlier, Netflix less and avoid napping during the day. Or just go to bed earlier.

Stress less

About everything. Maybe organising myself as much as possible will help, the more sleep certainly will too.

I shall focus on less things at once, tackling things one at a time, whatever they are, will certainly make life easier. It may also help me focus more.

That’s all of my New Years resolutions, or at least what I can think of right now!

I’m looking forward to climbing more and becoming stronger because of it.

I look forward to seeing the ones I love again soon, sucks being away from your favourite people.

Until next time,




#TheStruggleIsReal: Winter Skin

Aloha! It’s been a while and as most of you know, I have moved to university. This experience has been time-consuming, stressful and mentally draining – it is the sole reason for my lack of posts.

Since moving here everything has been about reading and essays, meaning that I haven’t had as much time to myself as I would like (apart from the time that I visited home for the weekend and it was lovely) and all this moving around (plus cold weather, plus general stress) has caused my skin to self-destruct – and I mean worse than usual.

This could have been down to moving and hormones, but the weather certainly didn’t help, it caused my skin to get very pimply and dry. I couldn’t let it stay like this as it was really starting to put me down and I had to wear make-up to cover it – something I hate doing.

With this in mind, I started getting testers of various skin products to find the root of my problem. I went to Origins because I am a regular user of the “Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash”, where I picked up testers for the “Zero Oil Cleanser” and “Zero Oil Lotion”.

These products started off by clearing up my spots and after a week the effects had reversed, leaving my skin worse than it was before! The cleanser didn’t feel like it was cleaning my skin enough, but the moisturiser was good – it really was “Zero Oil” and kept my skin matte for most of the day, but in the end it just made my skin really dry.

After these products quite literally blew up in my face, I opted for something familiar and headed to BareMinerals where I decided to retry  the “Purely Nourishing Moisturiser for Combination Skin”. I used this for around 2 weeks, my skin didn’t react to it at all, but I came to the conclusion that this is a summer skincare only option for my skin type. I had already purchased it because it really is a dependable moisturiser, just not for me in the winter.

Once again, I was back to square one and decided to use something I already had for the time being and also start using night cream again. I had some of my trusty Nivea “Night Regenerating Cream” left, so I used that along with The Body Shop “Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet”.

I remembered how much I loved the smell of the Vitamin E products, which led me to browse the entire Vitamin E line on the Body Shop website. After looking at countless reviews of various products, I decided that I wanted to try out a new night cream, seeing as night cream is something that’s usually a safe option for my troublesome skin.

I didn’t buy the products online, I kept browsing products for a week or so and went into the store to purchase. While in the store, a girl insisted that the toner would be a good addition to my purchase, along with an overnight treatment oil and I decided to try them out as I was already getting something new anyway and rarely used toners and treatments. In total, I purchased the “Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream”, “Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil” and the “Vitamin E Hydrating Toner”.


The difference in my skin was noticeable within a week, my skin was hydrated and my spots were reducing. I have finally discovered a skincare line that actually works with my skin, one that doesn’t make it worse and since using these products, I have gone back for more from the Vitamin E line. It turns out that the “Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet” wasn’t working as well as I thought it was and it was actually too harsh on my skin, it just took products that didn’t hurt my skin to realise what was doing the damage.

I now own most of The Body Shop Vitamin E range, the “Vitamin E Moisture Cream” replaced the “Aqua Boost Sorbet”, I also got the “Vitamin E Face Mist” to see what all the fuss was about and so far I can see the appeal, it’s very refreshing.


All-in-all, I’m loving the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop and I think it will be my staple skincare range from now on. It rescued my skin from whatever winter/stress induced hell it was in.


I will most probably be separately reviewing these products to help others figure out which ones are best for their skin too. If anyone else suffers from sensitive skin that loves to react and break out – I seriously suggest trying out this range.

Until next time,



Now the New Year can begin.

Getting a new diary is a liberating moment. It may be a little late, but today I got my 2015 paperblanks diary and it felt like I was letting go of all of last year’s drama. Letting go of all the previous pages and starting fresh, this year is a blank canvas and I have the right to decorate it however I like.

It took me a while to get this diary as I was searching for the one I had seen before Christmas. It wasn’t available anymore except online for a lot more money.
This one is a little bigger than last years, but beautiful nonetheless.

I have a good feeling about this year. Like I said, I have a blank canvas and I’m sure it will look magnificent whatever the outcome.
Last year will now be seen as a pile of doodles, practice runs for whatever the future holds.

With 2014 placed in my bedside table, I can say with confidence that I am truly ready for what 2015 has in offer for me (and I hope it involves Hoverboards and flying Deloreans!).

Hope everyone has had a great start to the new year,



Always plenty to buy when I have no funds.

As most of you know I love a good shop. A new dress or new underwear and my mood goes from hate the world to loving life instantly, but why do I always want to buy things when I can’t?

More importantly, why are there so many great, useful and needed products when I don’t have the cash and as soon as I get the cash all of the items are gone.

This post is a little insight into how I got in my overdraft and the struggle of paying it off.

It’s pretty simple really. When I am in a bad mood, the biggest pick-me-up is a new product. They say money can’t buy happiness, but I have never been upset by a beautiful new item of clothing and it may be very materialistic of me but I find it very therapeutic.

Most people when they are sad like to eat their feelings, but I like to spend mine.

Recently I haven’t been buying anything but necessities, so if you have been around me recently and wondered why I am in a bad mood, it’s purely because I am trying to pay off my overdraft and I am having withdrawal symptoms.

I don’t have to be upset to want to spend, I can be stressed or angry too and usually I am all three.

Shopping is my substitute for feelings, not knowing what to do with time that was once spent with people close to you can do bad things and personally I think there are worse ways to take my feelings out on than shopping.

So the next time I am judged for buying something, think about all the worse things that I could be doing rather than treating myself to a new dress every once in a while and understand that paying off an overdraft is hard. Everyone has their bad days and their own way of dealing with them.

I am trying my best to pay it off at the moment, I am going out less and treating myself very rarely, it sucks and I hope it’s paid off soon as I am fed up of being in this permanent dull mood.

This got a little ranty, but thanks for reading.

Love ya,



ASOS Summertime Sales!

Hi guys,

As most of you know (if you have me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) I have been going a little crazy on the summer bikini shopping, I go on holiday next week so I stocked up using the ASOS website.10423299_10203492294082561_4370838793777825773_n

I bought this bikini in the current ASOS sale that is on, I liked it so much and it fit me so perfectly that I purchased another one in a different pattern.

There are still many more that I have my eye on, but I may hold off for a bit and buy these ones for after my holiday, that way I can buy them in their next big sale which is the 70% off sale starting July 8th!


This sale is focused on their summer products and i’m sure i’ll end up with a whole new summer wardrobe!

Happy Shopping guys!



Mini Bourjois Paris Haul!

Me and my friend Emily went to town earlier for some lunch after going to two classes at our local gym.

Just before getting a meal deal in Boots, I popped into Superdrug to have a look around and that’s when I found myself browsing the Bourjois Paris make-up section.

I’ve been meaning to try the Happy Light Concealer and the Java Rice Powder, but I wasn’t sure on wether to buy them yet, that was until I noticed that the products were on 3 for 2 and came with a free gift!

IMG_3531 IMG_9272-copy

So I grabbed a 24hr eye shadow in 01 Merveille D’argent (silver) and the free gift which was some Bourjois sunglasses and I made my way to the till.

IMG_6202 IMG_6413

There was no need to really think about purchasing the 24hr cream shadow as I already have a few of them and know how good they are, I highly recommend them to anyone.

I’m looking forward to trying these products, especially the Happy Light Concealer which I got in the shade 21 Ivoire. This seems to be a cream based concealer and it may be better for when my skin is a little dry.


The Java Rice setting powder looked rather glittery when I swatched it on my hand, so I look forward to trying that out and seeing if it is as glittery as it seems. I’m hoping that my skin doesn’t react to it as it has been very good with all the other Bourjois products that I have used, fingers crossed!


Posts on these products will be released after using them.

Love, love, love…



Online shopping and bad luck.

For some reason online shopping wasn’t agreeing with me this evening, I was only trying to purchase two items of clothing for Paris and ASOS was not letting my order go through.

My card was apparently declined, so after entering my card details again, deleting the old ones and repeating, the order eventually went through. Fingers crossed the payment doesn’t go through three times!

I am now also part of ASOS premier as it is £9.95 for the whole year which allows me to have early access to sales, previews and free next day delivery throughout the year!



Love Hannah.


Money, Money, Money…

Just a quick post to express my excitement for a few months time, when I can afford all the skincare products that I want and hopefully my skin will improve.

The main things I NEED;

The Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion (the toning lotion).


I know I mentioned in My January Wish List that I wanted a different toner, but I have decided to go for a lotion one rather than a watery one as I don’t want the toner to dry out my skin more.

The Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment and the Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturiser, these both have great reviews from people with the same skin issues as me and I really want to try all of them!


I plan on growing a bit of an Origins collection in the near future, obviously I will have to buy them one at a time over the next few months…


Which product would you readers recommend I purchase first?

Love, Hannah.


What I Learned Today.

So it’s been six weeks today since me and my friends (Sam, Amy and Erebi) got our piercings/tattoos, so we went back to get them checked out and make sure everything is A-OK!

This morning my nose stud fell out, so I used my £3.50 nose ring from claire’s accessories as I couldn’t put the stud back in. Sam had changed hers a few weeks back and we had the same nose rings in.

We went back to the piercing studio today and he told us never to use those rings again, because not only were they flimsy, but they were much smaller than our piercings originally were, these rings were slowly closing our holes up!

Sam had used surgical spirit which had caused her piercing to react, surgical spirit and home-made salt water is a big no-no.

Always stick to the original cleaning solution that you are given!

Me and Sam had to have our nose rings taken out and had to pay £8.00 each to get the new, larger rings.

Mine had already shrunk since this morning, so much so that he had to put the ring on in reverse, I now have to go back in on wednesday to get it put in the right way!

The good news is Me and Sam still have our piercings.


If you’re getting a nose piercing;

Never get the nose jewellery from Claire’s accessories, the jewellery is bad quality, the wrong size and not 100% surgical steel.

Always, always clean your piercings with the solution that you are given, NOT surgical spirit and NOT salt water (unless you can measure it accurately and boil the kettle with fresh water each time).

Don’t fiddle, be careful and enjoy your new piercing!



Kobo, Kobo!

Tomorrow, before work my Kobo Touch will be ready to pick up from WHSmith!


I was supposed to pick it up on Monday, but they changed their delivery date and it would have been nice to know considering I wasted my tiny 15 minute break going all the way down there to collect it!

Already made a list of books to purchase, sadly I won’t be purchasing them until I have some money.

If only I didn’t have work in the afternoon!