Sanity, Is That You?

As most of you know — from either reading my blog posts or being around me — I have been über stressed about university and the countdown to getting my results.

After having to wait almost a week after everybody else had received their results, I finally got mine.

I actually found out that I had a place at my desired university (De Montfort) before I’d even received my results, which led me to believe that I had done well, which was confirmed two days later.

It felt like so much stress had disappeared at that moment, a weight lifted off of my shoulders and it felt as if I were walking on air.

I am in an extremely rare moment right now where I actually have nothing to worry about. My personal life isn’t great, but it’s not bad, it just has no significance.

This summer has been the marking of many changes, all of the negatives have been in my personal life, but I didn’t get upset about them like I should have because somewhere deep down inside my intuition told me that this was all happening for a reason. I knew that this was all happening to prepare for bigger, better things and as the weeks passed it became clear that those better things were coming to me in the form of educational success.

Right now I am going to enjoy the time that I have left, which is roughly a month. That’s one whole month sans responsibility, aside from the first instalment of rent and any other money related set backs, this is going to be a fairly relaxed month.

It is a shame about my personal life taking so many hits this summer, I feel like everything that meant something to me has just disappeared and it has left me feeling rather empty at times, but life is all about balance and after my educational track record, it’s about time things went right in that department.

I’m not going to dwell on the bad stuff right now, I need to look at everything as a clean slate and focus on the excitement of starting over.

I’m rather sick of feeling negative, so hopefully my personal life picks up a little, but I’m sure everything will work out for the best as long as I keep a positive attitude about everything.

Here’s to starting over,




Beauty: New skincare, new skin?

So after facing that I cannot go back to my Origins or BareMinerals moisturisers and (as stated in my previous post) purchasing some Nivea ones. Hoping that my skin wouldn’t react to the Nivea ones as they are very simple and also very low in price which is a great bonus!

I have been using the Nivea Cremé and the Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream and am happy to say that my skin hasn’t reacted to either of them, what’s better is that my skin may finally be getting better!


I cannot confirm that they are great just yet, but have had no problems yet.

The Nivea Creme is a little oily for my liking, but sinks in eventually and the Light Moisturising Day Cream is fine on my skin, reacts a little with my burn (that happened at Benefit Cosmetics) that is healing now. I expected that the cream may react with the burn as it is still quite delicate, that is nothing to do with the cream, just my skin’s current state.

The Nivea Cremé appears to actually be healing the burn, this isn’t the purpose of the Cremé but it is working.

As for the Light moisturising day cream, I have no reactions, it is light on my skin and causes no breakouts, still a tiny bit oily but goes away on it’s own roughly a minute after application.

So glad that Nivea seems to work with my skin as they have many decent products at very reasonable prices!

Going to become a Nivea whore…

Love Hannah


Beauty: Topshop products

So the other day I went into the Topshop sales while on a little stroll through town.

I had been to many stores already that day and bought some items of clothing and jewellery, but this post is purely about the make-up products that I bought.



As the sale was on and I had got to the till, I saw these reduced make-up products!


The Lip Marker is basically a colouring pen for your lips, easy to apply and lasts ages and it was only £4.00, it also had a very nice taste (probably unintended).


The second product was the Glitter, when buying this I didn’t really know what to expect as I could actually only see a pot of glitter, I gathered it would be for eyes, which is what I used it for in the end.


When I opened the Glitter I was surprised to find this base/primer type pot instead of glitter, which when I used it was perfect and held the glitter onto my eyelids really well!




As for the pot of glitter, that was a separate pot which unscrewed below the primer.

Next time I use this product I know not to put too much glitter on at once as it all ended up on one part of my eyelid, next time I will apply it bit by bit.

I love the Lip Marker so much that today I picked up a bright red one as there were still many left!

If you live near a Topshop and they still have these in their sale I recommend you all pick one up! Just wish these were available all the time!

Best Wishes,



P.s. Happy New Year!